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Feed yourself fabulous

Hi Guys

Just knocked up another 2 batches of these apple-jacks (but I used mango in one batch).

So easy to make, nutritious and delicious - why not give them a go?

Its all healthy stuff with slow releasing porridge oats - I put chopped stem ginger and powdered ginger in a batch I made the other day. I am a little piglet but they are delicious.

Follow the link below and let us know how you get on

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wonderful!I've book marked it and I'll be making some they look delish, thanks Sokrackers, hugs huff xxx


I need to im just not motivated, food is my weakness I have no appetite,but love good food,waitrose or m&s.


Hi Colours,

Do you ever get those days when the fridge, cupboards n freezer are full but there is nothing you fancy to eat?

I have a very naughty habit of leaving it until mid afternoon before I can face anything by then the blood sugar is down and I don't feel so good but just cant face anything.

Take care


Get there in the morning I suppose,sooo bad at eating


Thanks they look yummy will be making some tomorrowxxx


Yummy, I'm going to make the parsnip soup too :)


Hi Bryju124

The parsnip soup is on my list of things to make - I would love to know what it turns out like. I actually bought his 3 recipie books. On reading them the only one I would recommend is the Medicinal Cookery. It tells you the benefits of the ingredients - garlic honey anyone?

As with many of these chefs/nutritionists you can get many of their recipies online.

So let us know how it turns out and maybe google his flu fighting soup?


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