Well I can see, swelling on eye lid gone Down able too see how my vision has improved since my cataract operation on Monday

I can't believe the difference in colours I am dreading looking in my wardrobe. To. See the colour sof my clothes I'm wearing a skirt today that I thought was light and dark gray when I bought it ! I now see its pale blue and dark blue Thank you so much for your replys just hope the next one goes well. Take care

Snow forecast here in next few hrs


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  • Wonderful follow up post thank you Dorothy. I told you it would be the colours that would be most startling ☺


  • Yes how fight your are ,the colours are just so vibrant

    Have a good day

    Dorothy x

  • Hi Dorothy so nice to hear your vision has improved so much over the last couple of days, just think of all the beautiful colours in the flowers you will be able to see in the Spring and Summer, are you going to be having the other eye done quite soon?

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly got too wait a few months before I can have the other eye done, got to go through the whole referral bit again, how stupid is that

    Hope you and your husband are ok Take care

    Dorothy. Xx

  • Thank you for this post, forward thinking I'm dreading have cataracts but this post has made me worry less about it.

    I hate the thought of anyone near my eyes.

  • I too hated the thought of the op. but my sight has deteriated so much I am looking forward to it! Funny how our opinions change :)

  • I worried,not about the op but been able to breathe everything was fine can't believe how much I can see now

    Take care


  • nothing to worry about at all Riverbank so say I who had both done under general mindst had to have laser therapy 2 years down the line now that gave me the collywobbles especially when the receptionist nurse failed to put anesthetic drops in and I felt the first shot of YAG Laser ouch I was not best pleased when the consultant came sheepishly back into the room and humbly apologized and blamed it on the nurse. I should have gone running screaming from the room and took the hospital to the cleaners. The last procedure I had done was lid surgery now I was not looking forward to that one as it was done under local but no problem he gave me a few jabs in the area he was cutting out then told me he was going to cut now and asked to say stop if it hurt, it did and I did so he gave me some more jungle juice and they very nearly had to wake me up when done.

  • I am so pleased the op. went well. I too am wondering how far off my colour sense is, it will be fascinating to find out once I get my cataracts done. Xris

  • Yes the colour thing is amazing should have had it done ages ago !!

    Have a good day


  • Wow indeed Dorothy and I am so pleased for you. Hope your eye sight improves every day now and don't worry about your clothes, you will look great I'm sure. xxxx

  • I am sure it will improve each day thank you


  • Told ya! :) x

  • Clever clogs !!!

    Hope you can keep warm

    Dorothy xx

  • great news dorothy, yes if the other one goes as well as that one, what more do you want,,, apart from a new wardrobe :D

    best of luck with the other eye, and hope the existing one keeps improving,,its great to hear success stories :)

    best regards jimmy xxx :)

  • Thanks so much Jimmy ,good to see you back again take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Great news Dorothy. xxx

  • Yes thank you hope you are ok

    Take care


  • Great news, I'm so pleased for you! Stay well and warm, hugs huff xxx

  • Thanks huff lovely to hear from you ,hope your ok Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • don't they make a difference cataract surgery I had both of mine done and wow what a difference to it now I can watch TV and read the subtitles (I have a hidden hearing problem) without any specs on at all just need them for reading, computer and when out on my madge mobile

  • Hi newlands, thanks for your post it is so positive. My husband has a phobia about eyes but has a cataract, he is due for the op in the next 4 weeks. He is being really brave at the moment and I am sure reading your experience will make him feel better about the whole thing. Take care Maximonkey

  • Hi I was lucky phoned me friday they had a cancellation for Monday so took it so didn't have much time too worry

    It's ok someone saying don't worry but the operation is a dawdle he will be ok

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

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