After taking Doxycycline for two weeks it seems the flu is/has gone ,however it took my appetite with it ,I couldn't face food for the two weeks ,,,wether this was the flu or the antibiotic ,,,who knows,,,,finaly i ate yesterday ,,,,,ended up with tummy ache,,

The copd nurse came out to see how I was getting on as I hadn't requested a visit since flu bug was found,,,,,I thought I was doing ok ,,,,,but my blood pressure was up ,,,,my temperature was up ,,,,and my oxygen levels at rest were low ( for me ) at 89 resting ,god knows what they would be if I'd ventured upstairs,,,,,haha,,,so I will be having visits twice a week to check on my sats ,,,,,I am so lucky to have such a caring copd nurse ,and of course my brilliant hubby who puts up with soooo much ,,,,,I'll keep you up to date on my sats levels as hopefully they go up ,

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  • My husband the same Nanny1086! He had the flu and the same antibiotics. His SATS were awful - he was using his oxygen just to walk to the ten yards to the bathroom. BUT the good news is he started to properly recover by week 3! So with a bit of luck you should slowly start to improve - dont overdo it though, recover slowly. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Thanks for your message,,,it's given me a lift,,,,I wish you both well ,

  • Feel better soon Nanny1086. Wishing you well. xxx

  • Thankyou,

  • Hi Nanny, sorry to hear you have'nt been well. I lost my appetite for some time last year due to infections, but piling the weight back on now as i'm sure you will. Love Kin Xx

  • Hi I quite like the fact I've lost a few pounds haha ,at least my clothes fit a bit more comfortably, ,,,,,thanks for you reply ,this sight is brilliant ,as it's all people with the same/similar illnesses,lots of love ,

  • Oh dear sorry to hear your not well I have been back to see the nurse today took my emergency meds finished them yesterday I have chest infection so another course of antibiotics

  • Take care onamission, ,,,,I have been told that I need at least a two course of antibiotics to clear an infection,but before starting any antibiotics I have to send a sputum sample to the GP to be sent for analysis so they can find which antibiotic is best to kill off a particular infection ,If you start taking them before a sample test ,,,this masks the infection then it's harder to analyse ,for years my back up was amoxicillin 500 one three times a day for two weeks,,,,then it was upped to 1000 mg three times a day for two weeks ,,,,but still didn't clear up infection,,,,so now I'm waiting to see the consultant to see what antibiotics I can have as back up / stand by,

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