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Hi everyone,

We got a good blast of snow here. We got

Lucky instead of the 2 ft wind blowing blizzard, we got 6 inches.

I was just reading the post about cq10. I'm thinking what if we combine all this good stuff , we're all learning about, what is the regament we should try to follow. We got : vitamin d3, cq10, beet juice, manaka---

honey and what else would we add to that for our lung health regament? Breathing exercises, strength training and walking.

If we put our heads together what is the best course to follow?


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Great to hear from you Ruby. I was going to PM you tonight if you didn't post. We have seen the weather all over New York on UK TV so I guessed NJ would be much the same. Glad you are ok.


Rib yer i see thst on tv hope we dont get that the way we are and what got have to stay in if snow cold keep walm till its gone a


Quite agree Adam. We have had heavy sleet falling here this morning. It is very quiet. No planes flying and very little traffic on the road. So far it isn't laying but if it gets a little colder I can easily see this changes to snow.


Wear are you then ribvan here in london bit wind cold rain id not go out in it if did not have to pick my little girl up from school dont drive walk funny when you get this emphysema and out see people with cold flu on bus train walking im like to my self get awsy from me with that crap i dont want it il get it worse then you do u do that?


I live in Lincolnshire Adam. I can't walk or use public transport. I do worry about catching infections and viruses when I am taken out. I wear an oxygen mask all the time so this does help keep some of the germs away. Both the mask and the pressure of the constant flow of oxygen pushing the bugs away.


Thanks for asking Rib.We got lucky.New england states got hammered instead of us. Its a big joke on new jersey and new york.Both states were closed. No one allowed on the roads.

So how are you? I'm doing well. My daughter is sick with a cold and coughing again. Hard to stay away from her as we work together.



I am fine thanks Ruby. Nice and warm, snug in my bed. ☺


Make sure you keep nice walm if go out in that crap ruby


Hi Adam, Its 19 degrees here now. Too cold, Thats for sure! Whats the weather there? How are you doing? Getting any sleep?



Hi Ruby, Im hoping to hear from people whose breathing it has improved. I know it has other great benefits but breathing is why we are on here so am especially interested in that. Certainly would be good to figure out a definite list of solid helps though. stay warm and safe x


Hi lloegr,

I to was hoping to put together a routine of exercise, vitamins, and foods or drinks to help our condition. Kind of the best out of everybodys routines. Not getting any takers yet. Maybe soon .


Did you see Tonys (dall05) video of exercise, so inspirational. I hope he does more of them. Any way I can help? Your idea sounds excellent. When I came on here I hoped to find the "user proven" info in one spot where it could be of maximum benefit for all, but it looks like everything has to keep being repeated. I do hope something can be sorted. The issue is how I guess.



Yes I did see Tonys video and thought it was an excellent idea.

I guess we'll just wait and see what people come up with. So far I got drink beet juice, take cq10, vit. D3, exercise routine And..........

what can you add?

Xx :-)


Vitamin A was mentioned a short time a few posts


Hi Ruby and lloegr great idea to have list. Here is what I take and have gleaned from various posts during the last year.



B6 and B12

C 1000mg (wintertime less in summertime)



Zinc high strength

Omega 3 fish oil

Manila Honey 20+

First sign of a cold


or Echinaforce (drops in water to inhale)

or menthol crystals (put in water to inhale)


Walk as far as possible each day when weather allows.

Doctor referral to a gym ( get it at a reduced rate even after initial contract is completed.) This in the U.K.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Hope this helps and thanks to all who posted to help me. I am sure others will be able to add their own ideas.

Lastly I thought I'd better add my consultant said there was no need to take extra vitamins just keep to a balanced diet.

Best wishes barnowl


Thanks Barnowl. Was hoping people would be more responsive. Thought we could compare notes. Sounds like you have a good plan going.



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