thymoma and asbestos

Yer am after info re asbestos a meso why i suffer from restrictive and obstructive lung disease but i have few problems i have just devolped hole body tremors and periodic leg shaking wile a sleep as well as psoriasis on soles of feet

The issue is i was exposed to sum funky asbestos fibbers 15 years ago well worked best part of 15 years in schools and boiler rooms that was loaded in the stuff obv at time i was unaware but given my lung disease am after finding out if whats happing to me now could be marker for something more serious given i suffer chronic lung inflammation of un known origins

Well according to my lung doc thus far i have narrowed down my search to thymoma and asbestos.

I was quite surprised when i seen lung ct scan as my own ct scan had been circled where that thymoma thing is but i always thought that was aurto the had measured on my own ct scan.

Makes you think esp as had malicious x gp say o your one with cancer thats why she X gp but i never got no appolagy so could it be thymoma caused by asbestos.

As is it all up in the air till i see nuroligest as to this leg movmants treamors as could be anything really from bout of stress to myasthenia gravies or axies what ever that is or even mesothelioma.

But one thing is for sure al

Be asking my lung doc what was circled year half ago

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