Pre Electrion DRIVE targeting sick and disabled ... New 'fit for work' scheme to assess patients by telephone.

Shocking really how sick are having to jump threw hoops in order to get help.

Some might of seen few offices being taken over by sign going on about NHS Mobilty phcsotherpy assessments.

Had few trial name's BUT spring into life this spring.

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  • Hello are thsy takeing the mick thst csnt be real if is prob doing it so can kick people of the sick easy thse onesthst sre sick snd rest thst not getawsy with it how it go.s usely

  • Hi England yer its very tru newspappers cameron announced on news yesterday obv he was laking detail.

    But pulse today is reliable sourse .. i can see more seens like that in scotland with bin wagon happening if cameron as he's way.

    Truly is shoking i would think like myself public would be bit more concernd with being taken out by those who are sick and forced back to work

    I know when i am out i am aware of whats happing around me.

    Guess thats why cameron changed Health & Safety law so employer's are no longer lible if in the course of the business an employe accidently kills ya

  • ...Yes, and how many people read recently that Millionaire Cameron CONFIRMED that a person with advanced Cancer of the liver should have all his Benefits stopped, and was "FIT FOR WORK BECAUSE HE COULD HOLD A PEN "...this is what happens when a country is being run by millionaires who are totally out of touch with ordinary folk and who, WHEN THEY ARE SICK, - GO PRIVATE BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOSSAL WEALTH - I doubt if Cameron would want to be seen DEAD in a NH Hospital ward. = lets vote in a few months for someone who is down to earth and in touch with us ordinary folk - its OUR health, its OUR CHOICE ........

  • Is shocking what is happing BUT public is that moronic lost the ability to think its those on front line

    Al play camerons game myself ad be chauffeur driver crain opperatior or even bus driver BUT given history of my black outs dizzyness ad not be doing it long

  • I said in a post only yesterday this would happen it's discussing and the labour party should hold there head in shame for introducing this new benefit system.

    I can only see this getting worse and this is why we need to back all these parties up the wall and get the rules changed for long term illnesses like ours

  • From an article I read a week or two ago is that their could be a coalition between the Tories & the Labour Tories (after all what's the difference between them) all because they cannot get their cuts through if the SNP wipe out Labour here in Scotland as they (50 + seats) would stop the proposed cuts of both of them. Apparently this is the belief of three major newspapers one of which is the Financial Times. Makes sense for a lot of rich politicians on both sides who all, or their friends want to get richer but cutting benefits on all of us and privatisation in the NHS, Perscriptions and many more things they think we are "scrounging"!

    let's wait until the day after the election and see what happens

  • so another contract to Maximus - another waste of public money, another privatization of social services through the back door by this disgraceful shambles of a government - and another kick in the teeth for some of the most vulnerable who will no doubt suffer under this new scheme. And the outcome = ill people jumping through hoops to get jobs that do not exist - or losing benefits as a sanction (funny how the contracts for these companies apparently have no sanctions clauses if the fail to deliver the services they are contracted for) and the money that could have gone on the benefits they are trying to cut or on social services staff and real services are now filling the pockets of these private companies and their shareholders - I wonder how many ministers will eventually find themselves on the pay role of these companies - if they are not already.

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