I tried a game

I have always enjoyed a game of golf not that I am very good as never started till I was in my 60's and now with this problem I am unable to play more than a few holes unless the buggies are available which they are not for a few month yet, so I only managed 3 holes walking, but have a good golfing partner who understands, so the fresh air was good as was the company, mind you it was really cold as the course is on the edge of Dartmoor, at least I ended up with the same number of balls I started with lol Keep smiling :) xx Fred

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  • Hi Fred,

    Well that's the main thing, especially in this weather as they get lost so easily. LOL At least you got some exercise to, but you have to watch the cold air getting to the lungs. Our lungies ( made up word) just don't like the cold. I have always wanted to go to Dartmoor, but never quite got there. Looks lovely though.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Cheers Huggs I could have done with those hugs up there, as being an ex naval man any hug in a storm :) xx

  • Okay then, some more hugs for you, what are you like!!

    take care, and keep warm the next time you go there.


    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • It is always upsetting when we lose the ability to even play a slow game like golf. I loved golf too and preferred the 18 hole courses but sadly no more games for me for a long time since. Still there are other things a bit less taxing that I get involved in. The social aspect is the important thing. You'll be back playing in no time when the buggies are made available. Happy playing. xx

  • shame you are unable to get out on the course as if you were able we could have Played around lol xx :)

  • Hopefully you can get out more in the better weather and enjoy your golf. It is lovely to be able to get the fresh air though especially on the edge of Dartmoor. Take care Fred. xxx

  • Will do when the golf buggies are allowed sassy59(getting nearer to sassy60) xx :)

  • Hi Fred it makes it more fun if you can try and hit a Dartmoor pony with a golf ball! :) Combine it with a visit to Dartmeet for the best cream teas in Devon. x

  • I am a member at Teign Valley so part of the course is on the edge of Dartmoor but I love the whole of the moor my favourite pub is The Plume of Feathers in Prince Town by the prison, and Dartmeet is a great picnic area. As for hitting a pony I have enough trouble hitting the ball xx :)

  • Rofl :d xx

  • Oh, you are naughty Bev! Poor pony.

  • Brilliant - what an achievement! xx

  • Thanks TADAW hope you are alright keep smiling :) x

  • Why don't they have a disability buggy booking scheme for those less able. if you are like me the problem sometimes is you do not know until the day if you are able? But an early call to let it go would not be that much of a problem surely.

    Under the Equality Act they should be complying with it's members needs to meet the purpose of the business.

    I would not play golf while I was working as I thought it would of ruined my life/work balance. Now I would struggle to get to the first green and with the bad back not sure I could swing the club? :(

    Be Well

  • Hi offcut I like the idea of having a booking system for buggies, at the club I am a member of the owner is a great person and very fair the reason the buggies are taken out for several months is because of the layout of the course which is hilly and on the edge of the Moors so could be dangerous when wet. Sorry your back is giving you that much jip. Hope you get some relieve.

    Cheers pal :)

  • thank you.

  • Don't let your balls freeze up in this cold weather.

  • You are dead right in more ways than one warwickstag as it does affect the flight and distance and also the cold weather does affect the way one walks. Keep smiling pal. :)

  • Nice to get out and get some fresh air then Fred....brrrrr...I bet it was cold on Dartmoor. lol xxx

  • Your right there Jolyn it was brass monkey up there but I was well wrapped up with thermos etc, just a few holes but saw some of the local wild life and some fellow golfers I had not meet for a while, really most enjoyable. Keep smiling just like in your photo. :) xxx Fred

  • Hi Fred I know what you mean about getting so breathless when you walk I'm on a PR course and they teach you how to breath so for example if your walking up stairs start with your right foot on the stair and as you put your left foot on the stair breath in and breath out when you place your right foot on the stair.

    It would be worth you asking your GP to refer you to a PR course.

  • Thanks for the info I will give it a try, part of the problem is I have lost a part of the right lung and now have cancer back in that lung and also have 2 new tumours in the left one so awaiting treatment of sorts again, but kind of you to think of me onamission. :)

  • I'm sorry to hear your cancer is back I do hope you get the treatment take care

  • Yes I am sure it will be sorted one way or the other, still going to try the stairs though.

    :) x

  • Good to talk and get out, yea it is abit cold at moment. I go the sea for my relief.

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