just a note

maybe I will finish up being ostracised for this post but here goes anyway in for a penny.

My copd is not as bad as alot of the folk on here and I kepp having thoughts about sex(naughty) whils recovering from my op and chemo I was not in any fit state but now I keep getting urges but I keep thinking I might expire during the act!!!

Any comments welcome


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  • Why are you worried? What is it that you fear might trigger your demise?

  • maybe grannies saying could come, true if i was cheeky ,she always threatened to seperate me from my breath

  • Sorry. I have no idea what your second post means. Offcut & Knitter have given you good basic advise.

  • just keep taking the tablets and maybe it will become clear

    IT'S A JOKE !!!

  • As long as you know your limitations there is no reason why not.

    You do not have to use the stairs if there is a lift!

  • Ha ha Derek. I think a little of what you fancy does you good so go for it. x

  • nice to see someone with a sense of humour

  • The BLF have a free information leaflet, and there have been discussions about the subject in the past. Check out the BLF support section.

  • I'd have thought all that heavy breathing would clear your lungs, so enjoy and have a good cough afterwards. ;-)

  • thanks for your input,so you should be blushing you naughty girl.However that is what we have in mind will let you know how we get on if you like

  • Nooooooooooooooooo do not bother

  • dont worry love just my little bit of fun!

  • No worries and my mistake - I thought it was a serious question so have now removed my answer.

  • it was a serious question the koke was my reply to your input

    sorry if i upset you love xxx

  • Ha ha can you put it on Youtube please Derek? :d x

  • Maybe a risk - but what a great way to go!

  • No risk as long as you know your limits!

  • Well Derek, if you do expire "during", just have the decency to let herself know you're going! Let's face it, you'd never know the difference with some guys!!! LOL. XX

  • never had any problems in the past love xx

  • You're one of the few then! Lol. XX

  • Will she know it's rigor mortis or something else ? :o

  • Oh she will know the diference! it may well be her that goes first with the shock of it

  • Hi Derek,

    Appreciate some of your humour on this subject, and will say, " where's there a will -- there's a way!

    On a serious note, if you have concerns then contact BLF who will advise you or send you out information, as others have said. If you feel well enough, then just forget about your grannie's old saying which was just designed to keep you in check! lol

    ps Definitely no progress reports or you tube posts please! There are other forums for that, if that is what you are into.

    hugs from Huggs x :)

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