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persistent cough

My husband had a bad cold, Not Flu, Started 18/12/14 and now 25/1/15 he is still coughing. Says its his throat but sounds harsh and chesty but no phlegm. Tried every cough linctus going but none help. he does not want to see GP as he says they cannot help a cold! True, but could there be an infection that may cause the cough?. He does not cough when asleep! Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks

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Cough syrup is an utter waste of money. The only purpose it serves is to fill tills and soothe throats. The later can be achieved far cheaper by buying a bottle of glycerine. Ask your pharmacist.

A prolonged cough could be a sign of there being something going amiss. Without a sputum test it would be difficult for a GP to diagnose but that doesn't mean that if it has persisted for too long that the GP would prefer to have the hospital look at other diagnostics such as x ray etc.

Regards Rib


Could be a bacterial infection such as the one I've just recovered from, though not without medical help, my doctor gave me a 5 day course of tablets which put me on the road to recovery after 3 wks of misery.


Breath in steam...through the nose. Build up to long deep will break down any mucus or at least loosen it. I cough a lot but never produce any thing...called non productive coughing. Steam or a nebuliser with just sterile water kills it for me.


Hi I have recently discovered Sugar Free Strepsils in Strawberry flavour. They are available in most chemists and Tesco. They completely stopped my irritated dry tickly cough, but helped removal of phlegm. Sugar free they will not feed the oral thrush caused by the inhalers. XXX


I have been the same of over 4 weeks. I did go to the GP but they said it was viral so they cannot do anything. I found robutsin (not sure if spelt right ) was helpful but did not stop the cough completely. I am getting as much help from plenty of fluids and honey.


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