Hi I have my assessment for my nebuliser on Tuesday ! My question is why do they give you two weeks worth of one medication, then backup and given another two weeks worth of a different medication . Then they decide on my third visit if am getting my nebuliser home . Also what is the medication they put in it is it just different kinds of inhalers in liquid for ?

Thank Angie

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  • Good Morning, My husband was hospitalised about five years ago and the hospital would only discharge him with a nebuliser. He missed all the assessment stuff! He uses 2.5mg salbutomol in the nebuliser once every four hours when needed. (In severe exacerbations he has used it more often with the OK from the Doctor). I also asked for saline - which you can use as much as you want and seems to help breaking up the mucous and clearing his chest. If you have any other questions the nurses on the helpline might be able to help you. Take good care, TAD xx

  • I use a nebuliser can you tell me more about saline please,

    I have asthma,Chronic Bronchietis ,emphasyma ,copd )

  • Hi Nanny1086 - I found out about the saline from the friend of my sisters again! Apparently it can be used as much as you need to as it is just that - a saline solution. My husband gets them in 2.5mg nebules and they seem to help him clear his airways. I was worried it might initiate really bad coughing but it doesn't seem to. I asked the practise nurse and she asked the doctor and the next repeat prescription included the saline! It might be worth asking your Doctor. Take care, TAD xx

  • Thankyou,I'm seeing the copd specialist rehab team tomorrow I will mention it to them ,thanks gain

  • I spoke. To the copd team about saline and the benefits it could give me,,,,,she wasn't very positive ,,,,and said that they don't reccomend it ,,,,,just saying ,,,

  • How funny! Well at least you have tried and let the team know that you are proactive! TAD xxx

  • Thanks for responding to my question flibberti and Tadaw .

    It was on my recent admission to hospital they decided to assess me for a nebuliser . They wanted me to get over my flare up first before they done it . So I've to use it for a month with them doing a spirometry test on each visit ! Thank for letting me know about saline ! Since I've quit smoking I always feel as I've got heaps of mucus there but don't seem to get it up now . Once I smoked it was never ending the mucus ...

    Hope use both have a breath easy day !

    Am of to do my rehab class this my 2nd one now need to get myself fit for this Lvrs op .

  • Keep up the good work at rehab I've done the course in 2008 ,and over the years several repeat classes after severe flare ups, but I did follow up the course by going to the gym twice a week for an hours exersise each time ,,,,,saved me from a life on the couch ,,,,,or not here at all ,I hope you manage to carry on with your fitness once you've done the course ,,,,,,you'll feel the difference,

  • Thanks Nanny 1086 ,

    I intend to complete my course this time round ! Am that committed I bought the dumbells and ball after my 1st class . I started Thursday done the exercises Friday and Saturday at home but gave Sunday a miss ! a day of rest . I have made some improvements not much but it's still an improvement from when I started

  • Don't over do it mizzymac,,,,,but I wish you well .

  • I am now on my second nebuliser the first one gave up on me after 20years of valuable service keeping my airways functioning

    ,,,,( I have asthma,chronic Bronchietis ,emphasyma ,and copd ) I had to buy BOTH my nebulisers costing over £100 each ,

  • My they did last a good while 20 years ! Nanny 1086 I think it's terrible how some people have to pay for there nebuliser. I am lucky I don't the hospital will be supplying me with mines . I also have COPD asthma and bullous emphysema. ..

  • Mizzymac .i first used a nebulise in hospital, and when I came home hubby ordered the same make I had used ,,,,we did have it serviced every couple of years,,,,,tried for a replacement on NHS ,,without success ,,,,thankfully I could afford to buy one,,,,but I feel for those who can't get one on NHS ,and can't afford to buy one, I know you can borrow one from GP in emergencies ,,,,but what if someone else has already borrowed it ,,,,,,hence the expense of buying one,,,,but when I think of all the NHS medication ,hospital admissions,,,and copd specialist rehab nurses that take such wonderful care of me ,, along with my great hubby,,,thank god for our NHS ,,,,yes it's wounded at the moment ,,,,but I'm just soooooo thankful for it ,

  • ...And so the great Nebuliser debate continues, Now, I have been admitted to Hospital FIVE times with breathing difficulties, and every time have been put on a Nebuliser for a couple of days to good effect, BUT, when asking if I could have one at home,, to save a possible Admission to Hospital, BOTH my Doctor and Consultant are AGAINST it ! , saying, " IF YOU NEED A NEBULISER, YOU NEED A HOSPITAL - Oh dear !, on asking to expand on this decision, both have said, " Nebulising yourself at home is all very well, BUT other issues may be needed to be looked at, which may be causing you to require the Nebuliser in the first place, and a Hospital is the best place to examine these issues " - Oh well, its a good theory I suppose - ANY VIEWS ON THIS THORNY SUBJECT FOLKS ? !! ...Thanks !

  • I always imformation the copd specialist rehab nurse if I feel I need my nebuliser,,,this way they can keep a close eye on me, and come out to see me and if needed prescribe antibiotics after a sputem sample has been sent ,

  • I use the salbutamol 5mg nebs up to 4 times a day, but was told by my COPD specialist nurse that the saline nebs were a waste of time.

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