Lovely morning

Just to say good morning fellow smilers, the weather here in Devon is fine not to cold and its dry, so other than good health what more can I ask for, my wife is waiting on me, at the moment she is waiting for me to bring her a cuppa, then will wait for me to make the toast, then wait for me to get the newspaper, I really am lucky she waits on me each day, you just got to laugh. Have a great day the best you are able.

Fred aka Smiler x

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  • LOL a very good morning to you too Fred, we drove along the coast to Swanage yesterday, it was beautiful. I hope today will be another lovely sunny one. Xris x

  • Hi Xris its good to get out and about I am lucky and was born here by the seaside and Dartmoor is only a short drive away so I have the best of both worlds, just wish I could walk distances like I used to to fully enjoy it. Oh happy days . Keep smiling x Fred :)

  • Oh I love Dartmoor Fred and it's not that far from me either. It was sunny here yesterday and I took the dog down the beach - she loves it there. It's not too bad here today - still and cold but no wind! And certainly no rain (yet). Fingers crossed hey? x

  • Hi coughalot1 sounds like we are near neighbours if we have the sea and Dartmoor will contact you via message in the nicest possible way. :p x

  • Hi smiler, the weather is looking pretty good here in Malvern also, a mix of blue and grey up above. I'm watching Andy Murray v Dimitrov at the moment in the Australian Tennis Open live on euro sport but will venture out later for a little walk.

    I've no one to wait on today :) , only myself as my wife has gone to visit her sister in Manchester so who knows what mischief I will get up to eh'.

    Tony aka dall05 :)

  • Hi Tony the waiting bit came when it was my last birthday a cousin said "I hope Margaret waits on you " one of my daughters replied "mum always waits on dad, she waits for tea, and toast etc" this was only as a laugh which we all found funny. You take care pal and do not push yourself to far. All the best Fred :)

  • Morning Fred and so happy to see that you have still got your sense of humour and are still smiling. Hope the sun continues to shine in beautiful Devon. Here on the South Coast it is clouding over but is very mild today. Take care xxxxx :)

  • Starting to cloud over now sassy and could be rain not far away but thats it slippers on now so I am not moving far now, one daughter and a granddaughter will be up for a roast at 5 always pleased to see them . Look after yourselves xxxFred :)

  • Lovely to have family round Fred and we had a good time with ours yesterday. You take care. xxx

  • Oh Fred you are funny. That is a good one which I will forthwith use on my hubby who has waited on me for years...for his food, laundry... Now he has to wait on me. Lol. He's not very experienced! Never had so many take-aways!

    Weather here doesn't know what to do. Maybe the sun will break out or maybe it will rain. There's a very iffy sky over London. Otherwise it's damp and cold. Like you I used to love to walk but now just glad to get out now and then. Lots of little plants popping up every where to remind us spring is around the corner and I can get out on my scooter. Have a good day Fred.

    Sara x

  • Hi there Sara its the same down here cold one minute then out pops the sun, no wonder people are coughing but then thats nothing new on this site is it lol. We often play the waiting game to see who cracks first and makes the coffee which ends up 50/50, as for the cooking I love cooking now I have the time except the roast that is down to Margaret. Please to read you have a scooter for getting around have you got go faster strips on the sides. Speak later Sara

    Fred xx :)

  • I'd love to have go faster stripes on the side Fred. Sadly it only does 4 mph. Will have to up grade in the spring as I need better suspension and bigger wheels for the wonky pavements in London.

    Sun never showed here. Just stayed overcast and murky.

    I loved cooking too but can't anymore due to spine problems. Hubby tries but he's only at home with a frying pan so Marks gets plenty of visits! Take Care Fred.

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara, your hubby sounds very much like mine, if i can't cook its a take away, sometimes you need meat and veg!! Love Kin Xx

  • Hi there Kin the reason I love cooking is I was in the Royal Navy for 25yrs and had to look after myself for a lot of the time, so I am one of those strange husbands I suppose as since I have retired that's 8 years now I cook weekdays and Margaret does the weekend when the girls visit, also due to my training I find ironing relaxing plus it gave me browny points for when I played golf which is not very much now due to the lungs, but on the plus side Margaret likes decorating so its swings and round abouts. Keep smiling Kin xx :) Fred

  • Evening Fred,

    I have just noticed your post as I haven't been online much today. Its a milder day here too at 6C, and not the 11C we were expecting. The wind has got up again today and has been pouring rain at times.

    Love how your wife is waiting on you, LOL :p So considerate of her. ha ha

    Keep smiling,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Its just tried to rain but gave up I am pleased to say, sorry you have not had it so good, but please you like the wife bit, and thanks for the huggs Huggs xxx :) Fred

  • Morning Fred, your wife is one lucky lady to have you looking after her so well x

  • Its a 50/50 a lot of the time and I want to make the most of what I can whilst I can, if that makes sense. Keep smiling there x :) Fred

  • Good for you Fred, wish I had someone to "wait" on me! XX

  • Good morning Nikkers (just love that title) we work between us really as we have been married for 55 yrs this year and known each other since we started school together in 1947 as they say better the devil you know lol xx Keep smiling :)

  • Good morning Fred. I've always been called "Nikkers" (my name is Nikki.) A friend thought it funny when I was young and it stuck!

    I was only married for 3 years (in the 60's) and have been on my own ever since. It would just be nice for someone , other than myself, to make me a cup of tea or a bite to eat sometimes. It gets very boring doing it yourself all the time. I'm very used to my own company (obviously) but I sometimes wish there was another person to natter to about the t.v. world worries, or even just the weather! I do talk to the cats, but they just look at me as though I've lost it completely- then go back to sleep! Lol.

    Take care. XX

  • Nikki I have found that this site is ideal to have a chat if you want one, I am sure that there are others as well, but I am happy to chat if you want there is always the message system to rabbit away on and I will not fall asleep part way through, so keep smiling and chat later (nikkers) xx Fred :)

  • Thank you for your consideration Fred. Most of my friends have died and my family are spread around and not close. I do have a couple of old mates from my childhood with whom I keep in contact by email. They both live in the Midlands though, so we haven't actually met for donkey's years. It's good to reminisce though and I value their input. I will bear in mind what you've said. Thanks again. XX

  • I'm further up on the south coast by the sea it's not bad here either the sun was shining so much I thought it was summer,lovely here today ,I drive up the road and down to the sea,so I've always. Got shelter and food if I want it ,watch the sea for hours,that boat has been towed to Southampton ,I had visions of people scrambling to the bottom to pick up a bargain,like they did on Black Friday for now

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