Psst...Know Anything About Sabotage?

Psst...Know Anything About Sabotage?

We're all spitting pins in the street 'cos the feckin' bridge is going to's been closed for four years because it was in grave danger of simply falling into the river...not having been built for proper traffic...just donkeys and carts and the odd herd of cattle.

Everyone was thrilled to bits because it meant we could meander about without any risk of being mown down by some eejit from Dublin driving his shiny car...if we were moving the donkeys or bringing the goats home for milking, those Dubs would slam their brakes on and did wave his fist at me when I had about seven goats loitering about the goat stuck her face into his open car window...I pretended not to have noticed...

Our little narrow road goes straight over the bog and the river Lung, before it comes to the main Dublin people used to use it as a short-cut...paying no heed to the peasants who live here all the time...

It was said the bridge would never be fixed because of the huge expense involved...there are mutterings about it costing two million euros...but one Councillor kept on and on about the tourists needing to use it for the fishing...he's a total prat...none of us have ever once been approached by an irate tourist wanting to fish...those who do visit for the fishing, are perfectly happy to walk along the riverbank...they want a bit of peace and quiet...don't want to be crammed together on the silly bridge where you can see the fishes swimming about in the water...

We can object if we'll cost ten euro mind you...someone has already marked out the approach to the's cutting right through Fred's land...practically inches away from the old Bishop's cottage...on the opposite side is Jonny's little stone building that's smothered in a rambling rose in summer.

The original bridge has to be demolished first apparently...that's on the planning notice. I squeaked about the water lilies that grow in huge abundance there...and the Kingfishers...and the Otters and the rare bats that a bloke from Trinity spent endless nights counting a couple of summers ago...

So I was just wondering about how to sabotage the entire plan...and the new bridge.

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Well, what about environmental issues. Maybe all that construction work would cause unnecessary pollution. But if its an old bridge what about conservation of it instead, these are things of national important, heritage for future generations and all that. All you need is no traffic going on the old bridge and it might be ok for a few minor repairs so its safe enough for you and the goats of course. Sounds beautiful. Are you in southern Ireland?

Unfortunately the bridge is only about seventy years old...not exactly an antique...

Southern Ireland...

I thought you had a history of blowing up things. Don't you know an expert from the Irish what's it army?

We live in the Republic.

Vashti. If the bats are living under the bridge are they a protected species? In which case that would strengthen your case. As for sabotage, I am game for a spot of yarn bombing! Not very threatening though :) Good luck! Xris

I thought that the bats were roosting under the bridge...stupid creatures are in a hollow tree about a mile away...I'd move them if I could!

Yarn bombing would be good!!

Bridge on the river Kwai? Explosives!! x

Oh I do

I wish Gregory Peck :d x

He wasn't in it? Was he?...

Silly me got it wrong. I was thinking of The Guns of Navarone! doh x

I know just how to demolish a bridge but I am not allowed to tell you.

I know how to stop a bridge getting built but only if there was a Tesco store being planned near by.

Love the picture.

Even if I gave you fresh baked soda bread and a glass of poiten? Google might tell

Sorry can't mix alcohol with the morphine

You'd have to have tea then...

Sabotage sounds good to me. These so called planners fail to see the big picture. Love Kin Xx

They do of's all about money

They must have a pot of gold leftover and looking for ways to spend it before they have to hand it back. Swines.

Are there enough of you to get up a petition?

Is there an organisation for Irish heritage you could call on for support?

It isn't a special sort of a bridge...just very ordinary really...Irish heritage only take on glamorous causes like pretty thatched houses...and there's only half a dozen cottages here...not nearly enough of us to make a difference...

Get the Wild life protection Society involved Vashti - that'll stop 'em - sharpish! Keep fighting. XXX

I'll think of something...!

It seems conservation and environmental issue would be best approach. You need to find an 'endangered'

species to protect - sadly you don't count as endangered! Good luck.

That's what we'll go for...!

Channel your thoughts vashti and imagine the bridge never, ever being re-built - you never know, it could just work. good luck to you xxxx

Could cast a few spells I

Hi Vashti. Well I could knit a trip wire. But endangered species or conservation issues seems the best bet. How about the bat man can he help.

Lovely photograph & enjoyable reading. Nan

Discovered the bats actually live a good mile

How about planting newts in the grass either end of the bridge then they won't be able to use plant machinery to build the new bridge?

Now that suggestion is excellent...first find some newts...

Go to a Newt conservation area ?

Stuff my pockets full of stolen

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