Help - how can you keep to keep nasal canula in tact over night ?

Hope someone can help .My mother is removing her oxygen nasal canula in her sleep up to a dozen times a night

.Her sats are immediately dropping and neither she nor my sister are getting any sleep

my sister has been using micro pore to stick the canula to my mothers cheeks but this isnt working

has anyone any idea how to address what is becoming a big issue ?

Many thanks

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  • I know you can swop to having a mask, but I'd imagine they'd be uncomfortable. Someone will have better ideas than I...

  • Thanks vashti Unfortunately the masks dont suit my mother and make her feel claustrophobic and a bit panicky

  • My mask is not uncomfortable to sleep in. Much better than sticking things up your nose and making it sore. ☺ Rib

  • Hi I would get the district nurse in via GP if she doesn't attend already. If she can't come up with any ideas she can ring the hospitals Respiratory Nurse Specialist ask her advice.

    This is not unusual in very poorly elderly patients we used to stick both sides of the tubes to the patients face by hair line with micropore. Sometimes it worked, it's worth a try, best wishes

  • Thanks june

    unfortunately the micropore hasnt worked to date but tbere is another oxygen assessment coming up with respiratory nurse so my sister can discuss further with her

  • Lets hope they come up with something, soon! It's obvious that the tubes irritate your mother in her sleep. Do you think soft splints to both her lower arms from below her elbow including her hand secured with crepe bandages might be acceptable to your Mother ? they're not really uncomfortable but would restrict her fingers from pulling at her nasal tubes. Your district nurse would show you how to apply them. Just another idea we used to use

  • Thanks june .fairly drastic measures are called for esp as she removes the tubing during the day too

  • I understand the situation, don't wait discuss with your GP or practise nurse none of you can go on like this Mum's condition will deteriorate, you and your sisters will become ill you all need urgent help with this problem Wish I could be of more help try my advice go seek help discuss the soft splints ok . Do hope it gets sorted soon my best wishes to your family

  • I wear oxygen overnight and find that if just put the cannula in my nose and loop it behind my ears it comes out in my sleep. I use the slider on the cannula to make a loop and put my head through the loop, put the cannula in my nose and and the tube hangs down the back, I tighten the slider to a comfortable position and it stays in place. Hope you can understand this and it helps. Keep smiling


  • Thanks carol .i really appreiaite everyone taking the time to respond ...but we have already tried that

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