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manuka v the best scottish heather honey

manuka  v   the best scottish heather honey

Theres been many past posts on manuka honey, more recently there was a post on the real scottish honey, at that time i intended trying it,.

Now apart from the price. Can i ask if the members who advocate honey , their views on this subject.


BEST REGARDS TO ALL, JOCK :D xxx my address is above !! :D

love to all, jimmy xxx :D :D

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Happy Bottom to you too jimmy! :) I cannot afford Manuka honey but love the Scottish one so that will do for me. You take care and keep smiling. xxxxx


thanks sassy, as far as i gather the scottish honey can be as good,, and cheaper :)

best regards sass,, jimmy xxx :)



'. . . heather honey's activity comes almost exclusively from hydrogen peroxide, a naturally-occurring chemical that is produced by certain enzymes present in honey. Unfortunately, these enzymes are easily destroyed by heat, light, and body fluids. Manuka honey, by contrast, gets most of its anti-bacterial power from a compound called methylglyoxal, or MGO. This microbe-killing compound is highly resistant to heat and light and thus considered extremely stable. . . .'


well, well, well, many thanks stilltruckin, that was an an excellent link.. most certainly food for thought. i use manuka 24+ but it is very expensive, but also tastes lovely, i suppose if you look at it this way,,, its a lot cheaper than smoking :) yes, very interesting link, many thanks.

best regards jimmy :)


HI Jimmy,

I think this is the thread you were looking for, but there is loads of information about both the Manuka and Scottish Heather Honey on line, but maybe not so many people have tried the Scottish version.

Hope that is the correct thread, which may lead you to others. You can also find out more by typing manuka honey in the search unlocked box at the top right of this page, and then press enter.

Good luck, :p

hugs from Huggs xxx :)


hi huggs , just looked at the old post, i think i was in hospital about this time ? but i do now remember the thread, it seems the manuka [according to that link] has the edge over heather honey, although heather honey is still good,

there was a blf post somewhere who had advocated if using manuka honey, it must be the 24+ stuff or over, off course this is very expensive, but as i said in my previous post, a lot cheaper than ciggies.

i can vouch for one thing about manuka it fairly healed ongoing sores around my mouth after trying most creams etc. so i can only imagine it must be good for the inside too

it seems the juries still out on this one, both are good, but according to that previous link, manuka has the edge.

one thing for certain honey will do you no harm .

many thanks huggs for your input,

best regards ,,, jimmy xxxx :)


Hi Jimmy,as I,ve said before my experience is Heather honey helps me sleep and cheers me up so I,m not so grumpy when I don,t sleep.I like the taste of Manuka but it does,nt seem to have any health effects( maybe I just Don,t notice ) having read the links I,ll keep my honey in the cupboard from now on lol,cheers D. :D


I have honey in a nice cup tea in mornings or when ever have a tea its lovely


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