Hi all, not been on for a while, just wanted to hear any advice to this terrible cough I have had for 4 weeks now. Had Antibiotics 2 weeks ago, but did nothing the cough is dry, only producing phlegm when I get up in the mornings, which is not very nice. It then clears through the day to just clear and later it's thick white stuff. I have gone deaf in the one ear and now have conjunctivitis. Rang out of hours GP service and they are sending a doctor out as was advised not to drive. I have Asthma, sarcoidosis in both lungs and slight emphysema, my breathing has become worse over the last 3 days. Slight runny nose, but nothing much. Just can't stop coughing, chest sore and aching all over. Any thoughts appreciated.

I know there is a bug/virus thing going around, but thus cough is dragging me down. Can't take over the counter meds dye to diabetes etc.


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Hi Jan

About the cough I've just been 4 weeks with the same GP gave me antibiotics and steroids I rang the local COPD clinic where I go for my oxygen and they took a spit specimen for testing. It was resistant to antibiotics I'd been given they rang GP to arrange a different one and the cough has eased off also mucus too. Go back to your GP give them a mucus specimen to test hope that works for you.

Thanks Imelda16, I just got the on call doctor out and he has given me a prescription for clarithromycin antibiotic, told me to up the ventolin and symbicort. I have another infection and he said there is mucus in the lungs that needs to be shifted. Also ointment for my conjunctivitis. Hope these work as I feel lousy. Just loads of rest and keep taking the pills and plenty of fluids. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks for reply I felt it was only me but now I realise I'm not on my own and hope you feel better soon. Like you say that lousy feeling and today I am more breathless than I've ever been if I feel the same tomorrow I'm asking COPD what to do I seem to be using more 02 than usual. Roll on spring and hope we are all feeling a better . I have used my inhalers more as well I have asthma ,IPF , A.F.

hi tichy,

i have had the same bother since christmas, but was too stubborn to call out the g,p right away, however i had to call her at the finish, was told i had an infection and to take my emergency meds, amoxicillin and 40mg steroids, after more than a week i felt worse, got the g.p out again , the doc said i had a double infection then gave me clarithromycin and more steroids. i do believe the clarithromycin helped a bit.

although i am much better i still am bringing up plenty phlegm, and finding it hard work coughing this up.

i think its best to give a sputum sample at times like that, if i have further bother, that will be my next move, at the moment i've been left with a rotten cold.,,,,

think your right tichy ,, roll on spring, hope things improve

best regards jimmy

Thanks Jimmy, hope you feel better soon. It's not a very nice infection to have is it. Hope you feel better soon.


thanks jan, i hope you are feeling better by now as well :)

kind regards jimmy xxx :)

Thanks Jimmy, I'm not too good I'm afraid, over the last 2 nights I have been woken by severe itching in my hands first then last night most of my upper body, with hives and a red rash on my arms and it burns. Not had much sleep at all, still coughing and my voice is not too good. I phoned NHS Direct at 4 am and was advised to stop Clarithromycin and to take cool showers and take an antihistamine, which luckily I had and to phone GP this morning to see him. Just going to do that now and see what he has to say.


oh jan, so sorry to hear that, lets hope you get some satisfaction with the g,p. it must have been bad for you to phone nhs 24. my god i do feel for you, as,,,,,,

believe it or not!!! i've been the same,breathing iffy ?? and up most of the night, My whole body has been so itchy, unusual for me, but at the moment sticking a 3 ft shoe horn down my back scratching, its so bad, i'm drawing blood, its driving me mad. no let up at all, even as i print this now. ive just took loratadine [its just an over the counter anti-histamine , but will see if that helps] i think it must be medication as i am on a lot. strangely enough i was on clarithromycin the other week.

where the catheter bag, straps go round my leg, i have scratched it so much , blood is dripping from it,, i've filled a spray thing with tcp and cold water, i'm trying to spray all over my body, sorry to go on, but just to let you know , i know what you must feel like,This itch would drive you mad!!

maybe let me know how you get on at your g.p,s jan , i do hope you get some advice as to what is causing this, and some relief from this, im so sorry to hear you've had such a horrible time,,,

lots of kind thoughts, jimmy xxx

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