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I have severe COPD with other health problems. I see a lot of articles that tell us to exercise. I know walking is a good form of exercise. I walk, and I do breathing exercise, but I just don't feel like this is enough. I got some two pound weights to lift while I'm doing my breathing exercise. I'm 66 years old and not very strong.I hope to work up to 5 pound weights. Can anyone suggest a way to exercise?

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Youtube has loads of exercise videos. General workouts, Senior workouts, Breathing exercises, they are all there. If you need specific help with breathing exercise then the BLF produce a leaflet on the subject. You can contact them by email or telephone for the cost of a Local Rate call. Rib

Have you never been referred to pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) course rmfields?

That is the recommended way to exercise - its a course of aerobic and resistance exercises run by specialist respiratory physiotherapists and nurses, tailored for people with copd. It includes education time too. Course lasts for around 8 weeks (varies a bit throughout the country), twice a week. Your GP should refer you.

.Hi rmfields, take it easy to start with is my first advice.

About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with severe COPD but took to the gym and now my results indicate mild COPD! I started off at the gym 1 to 2 mins on the rowing machine, cross trainer and bike. I live in a hilly area so walking is not so easy. I feel I built my fitness up by little and often steps - increments of 15 seconds. I don't touch the weights I just try to do a little more each time and build up my endurance. Sitting in the chair on bad days lifting bottled water in each hand maybe 5 times maybe 10 whatever I can do comfortably. Leg lifts whilst sitting - just building up each time.

And of course don't give up, keep it going even a small amout is better than none. I kept a diary of what I was doing 1 minute built up to 2,3, etch now 15 mins is okay but take it slowly you can always repeat the exercise again later rather than doing too much in one go.

I hope this helps - keep going


Hi rmfields, I am 71 yrs young FEV 19% at last test. Severe emphysema. I am not on oxygen as yet. I walk as much as possible at least 1/2 hr a day plus all the pottering around and shopping (trolley driver for the wife). I have an exercise bike that I treat with great respect. Last year my son bought me a set of elastic straps and I find them a great method of exercise. I can exercise almost any set of muscles with them yet again I treat them with respect and don't overstep the mark. Breathing exercise is mandatory for me. O2trees recommended pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) course, unfortunately it is not available for me here, but by all reports it is a must if available. Exercise and breath easy. Dave from the LoS. Everybody have a great weekend.

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hi yorkie am on oxygen when i walk or do any kind of exercise i when on a pr course for 8 weeks and now i been ask to go too a gym on a other course but after my first time there yesterday i at chest pain and feel bad but i feel i may of over do it but have you ever over do it

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Hi tigers. Yes I do overdo things at times which sometimes gives me aches the next day but I just work steady to ease the muscles out. As I have said before "I have COPD but COPD does not have me". Breath easy exercise often. Cheers have a good week end. I am now going for a half hour walk then a swim for half an hour or so.

I am in Pulmonary Rehab and they are teaching me the correct way to exercise.. Light weights, stretching, and walking...Maybe you could get into the program?

Well I wouldn't overdo it. A lot of people on here do Pulmonary rehabilitation and say it helps tremendously. Ask your GP about it. Maybe you could try it. :-D

You only need to do higher weights if it becomes very easy to do. If you sit on a chair and lean slightly forward and drop the arm down between your legs lift to your armpit. But do it on breaths and vary the speed. Try out on the lift for 5 and out on the drop for 5 to see which one is the easiest. Then you extend the time. But know when to stop! If it hurts stop!

Be well

I go to a council run gym they do aqua fit sessions and are very good way of keeping fit and don't cost the earth

Hi rmfields. Certainly ask your GP for referral to Pulmonary Rehab. I am 68 diagnosis 10 years ago with COPD. I bought a cheap treadmill and second hand exercise bike and a stepper found in a charity shop, and keep them in a heated garage space where I can use them during the winter when I am unable to exercise outside due to the cold air. My wife joins in and it helps encourage me to do exercise most every day. I too have lost a lot of strength particularly upper body strength and muscle. For this I use tins of baked beans in each hand as weights and follow exercises suggested at the Pulmonary Rehab course. I feel better for making the effort. Hopes this helps. Best of luck.

Hi rmfieldd, In my area there is a scheme whereby your g.p. can refer you to the local gym. You need to pay a contribution but it is nothing like full price. They cater for all ages and abilities and work out a program specifically for you. Give your surgery a ring I am sure they will be able to advise you. Gid Luck barnowl

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