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That's another year under my belt so its onwards and upwards towards the next birthday, the problem is that my body states its 73 but my head thinks I am only 18 which is fine until I go down on the floor to do something and then my head says ok up you get and the body just laughs and says you better find some one or something to climb up, I am sure that some of my new friends on here have the same problem, I have to laugh as I crawl across the room to the chair so I can get back up, oh well such is life. Morning all remember keep smiling. Fred x ;)

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  • Morning,I know that feeling too well,I am almost 71, can't believe I used to have two strenuous par time jobs,on my feet all day.and lots of bending,I can't belueve how it has crept up on me this time last year,I had not problems getting on my knees to wash floors now I struggle to get down,and need some form of help to get up again,ie chair sofa,toilet pan.Lol my mums famous words ring in my ears." Age does not come alone"

  • I think you will not be the last down there with me redted cheers Fred.

  • I have no doubt about that,Lol

  • Hi smiley Fred I haven't quite got there yet, but I will have a laugh about it, just like you do. Take good care love LeeLee x

  • Hi LeeLee of course your not but you could always practice so you are ready, infact you could hold a get up party, you never know it might GO DOWN WELL ;)x

  • Hi Fred, your idea of a get up party is not a bad idea! A lot of my Sydney friends would love that after a few wines. Oh let us know when the zapping procedure happens. All care to you LeeLee.

  • Will do LeeLee I forgot your down there so you are already down and when you are up will have trouble getting down again , you Aussies are a strange lot but we love you all. :)

  • Hi Fred, that's what you get when you live down under, as I am British I'm called a Pom have no idea what it means love LeeLee the Pom x

  • I am 59 and three quarters and cannot get up off the floor without something to grab on to. Gravity is my worst enemy to as I have a habit of dropping things on the floor like coins in shops. Never the penny always £1.00 or £2.00 so I am either clinging to the counter or nearly going into the splits to pick it up. Usually as I am about to get vertical someone is coming to help when they see this contorted person fiddling with something on the floor with a red face getting his breath back :)

  • Sorry to hear that Offcut, I tend to find the one thing I need in a shop is right down on the bottom self and at the back, so like a rock climber I have to look to make sure there are holds for getting up. Please to see the smiley. ;)

  • you have to keep smiling

  • Hi I have just turned 73 and have the same trouble. Brain thinks I 18 but body says different. For the past year if I fall ( which I do quite often ) I'm unable to get up. Guess I'm one stage ahead of you.

  • Right that's a real bummer Nanbn2 as other than that we could be twins, hopefully you get help? .;)

  • I can get help pretty quick but am intending to move into sheltered housing where there will be a manager on the premises 24/7.

  • Thats good news if you are happy with that arrangement and you will be safe and dare say meet some new friends. Fred

  • Uh huh I know the feeling Holly. But it's good you can keep your sense of humour as it is better to laugh than cry isn't it? :) x

  • Pleased you also manage to laugh and got a Mr smiley, for some reason my smilies won't work.;)

  • You have to leave a space before and a space after Holly. Try these they are your birthday pressie! Putting your cursor over them will show you what to type.

    :) :( :p :x :O They are the only ones I know. x

    Ps they are colons not semi colans ie : not ;

  • Dah silly old me, thanks coughalot.8-) x

  • :)

  • Ha ha took me a while to learn them :) x

  • Happy birthday! Have a good one. X

  • Thank grannybell I did.;)x

  • Happy Birthday. Have a great day x

  • Thanks annenic xx.;)

  • Just remember to make sure you keep looking at the grass from above and not below.

  • I had enough of being below as I was a submariner for years, so am enjoying being above. lol

  • Happy birthday Fred. xx

  • Happy Birthday Fred. You deserve a great day. X

  • Cheers butter-fly xx

  • At 72 I know exactly where you are coming from Fred.


  • Hi there Bobby hope you are managing alright I shall miss 72 lol

  • Ha ha you old person you Bobby :d x

  • Hi Fred, evening now as I have only just managed to get on the computer. I am 62 but I know what you mean. The poor old knees! You take care and keep smiling. xxxx

  • Hi sassy59 (but really sassy62) lol yours is not through your age I bet, its more than likely because of all the work and running about you do, stay happy love and keep smiling xxx

  • :) :) :) xxx

  • Happy Birthday Fred ! I can't bend down either, it must be contagious :)

  • Thanks Argana I had a good one, and there are a lot of us down there. :)

  • Happy Birthday Fred! I find it very hard to get up when I start laughing because I can't get up! Huge Birthday hugs, huff xxx

  • Thanks huff so pleased you also have a good laugh, I find when I do have to kneel down I tend as I call it to flop, keep smiling Fred xx. 8-)

  • I hope you enjoyed your birthday Fred. I know the feeling well...I always like to hold onto something to pull myself up off the floor. lol Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  • Thank you Jolyn same to you its good to know that we still have a sense of humour, when I have been for chemo etc over the years I meet people who are a lot worse off than me and they still have time to joke even though they maybe terminal, so keep smiling and enjoy your time. xxxFred

  • Belated birthday wishes Fred, i know what you mean about the brain thinking its 18, but my 63 year old body, and certainly my lungs, tell me its no longer the case! Love Kin Xx

  • Thanks Kin for the wishes and at 63 your still a young one so keep smiling love Fred xxx :)

  • Hello Fred,I love your cheery spirit.I,m only(only lol) 59 in March but already my lungs say " Don,t you dare get down there cause I ain't helping you get up" I wish you many more happy birthdays Fred.Regards D. :D

  • Hi there pal please to meet you, here anyway seems you been through the mill but on the way out of the mill that is, so you are making the effort for the past and I admire that pal so all the best and I will follow your progress and keep smiling. :0

  • Know how you feel. I will be 65 next month. So I guess I am officially old! Yet inside, I am still 21. Until of course, I try to dance to 'Paint it Black.'

    All the very best.


  • No way Malinka are you old at 65 and can I suggest you try something a little slower than "Paint it Black" what about a nice slow smutch mind you very difficult if on your own so deep breath and back to square one Cheers Fred xx

  • Happy Birthday...!!

  • Thank you very much vashti :)

  • Happy birthday I'm just a few years younger than Offcut and due to lower back problems have the same trouble as Offcut to clean skirting boards I crawl around the house from room to room, then in to the back bedroom to pull myself up on the bed.

    Hope you have a great day and you have had lots of gifts.

  • Thanks for the wishes I had a lovely day another one under the belt I am pleased to say, so sorry you are having problems with the back, but I also have moved from room to room on the knees it saves a lot of problems but you have to be careful of carpet burns lol Nice to speak with you and keep smiling. Fred xx

  • Hi holli17...I too have stage 4 and am walking briskly into the start of my 75th year on March 9th! never thought I would see that year but looks good so far! I am on 0/2 24/7 Still driving, still flirting LOL...bad part of this disease is many friends seem to shy away from me now? I am the same person except for some weight loss,. Has anyone noticed this with friends? Life seems lonelier. And if you mention anything about your illness they seem to turn a deaf ear. However, they feel free to discuss their doc appoints, etc.

    Am I expecting too much? Probably because I used,to be a princess 😝

  • Hi there Princess Mooskie it seems we have the same sort of problems and also the same hobbies , driving and flirting, and yes friends/people tend to think its catching, but love to tell me about a friend of theirs that died of cancer etc. As for weight lose I have lost some over the years then put it back then lost with the next lot etc. Keep smiling and stay in touch xx :) Fred

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