Gas mask related breathing problems PLEASE HELP

About 6 months ago I purchased a Soviet GP-5 gas mask at Tankfest from a huge militaria stall.. I asked the man who I bought it from it the filters were ok to breathe through, and he said yes. So I breathed through it a few times and I realised that I couldn't take a full breath. I thought it would only be temporary so I ignored it. When I got home I read up about the gas mask and I saw some gas masks contained asbestos, and therefore I thought this was the cause for my breathing problems.

My symptoms are that I get out of breath easier, I feel like I can't take a full breath and my chest feels tight. If you want to ask any questions please do. I'm 15 years of age (14 when I used the gas mask).

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  • Hi no one can diagnose you on here as we are not doctors or nurses. You need to go to your doctors and let them sort it out. It could be any number of things but I don't think asbestosis fibres work that quickly anyway. Make an appointment asap please. x

  • Ya not wrong there they do have asbestos and if been stood around a tad matrial that holds asbestos could of broke down or could be fungus

    I would go to ya gp and take gas mask like coughalot1 as said

  • Hi Will. You and your Gas Mask need to go and see you GP as soon as you can get an appointment. As said by D3nis it could very well be bacteria living it the mask that is now infecting your lungs. Which could be good. The doc could give you antibiotics to kill the bugs and the hospital could test the mask to make sure what is in it that could be in you.

    Regards Rib

  • Asbestos from what I understand does not hit you that quick. Which is what is the bad thing about it. I worked with asbestos for approx 10 years cutting it on a circular saw with no mask or vents 25 years ago and all I get from the consultants is it is not eating me yet!

    I agree with all of the above the problem is likely fungal or viral you have no idea who else has put it on there face before you?

    Be Well

  • Thanks

  • It is true that some gas masks contained asbestos in their filters but it didn't effect the end user. The asbestos was internal in the filter and so it was the poor unfortunates that manufactured the filters that were effected. However, they wouldn't have been effected by one hour or one days contact. They were effected because they were living in contaminated air every hour they were at work and then the contamination was brought home on their clothes....effectively living 24 hours a day with contamination. Luckily for them too, it was only about 2% in this country that were seriously impaired by the don't worry about your mask. Make sure the filter remains undamaged and all will be ok. The worse things you've breathed in are dead spiders and their poo.

  • Hi CornishBrian

    Tru that about spiders the reacon we swallow a few of a night when we are sleeping

    So yer next time you wake up having coughing fit thats defo one for us all to remmber ;)

  • Thanks for the moral boost :) I've been worrying that it might be something else. I'm going to tell my GP what happened.

  • Oh my Love have you told your parents your fears,I'm sure they would want to know,you are very young to be coping with this on your own.You must go to your doctor and explain how you feel and I'm sure He/She will be able to help and put your mind at rest.Please let us know how you get on Take care

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