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tiring day

Especially this afternoon. I had emailed an osteopath who applies teh Alexander Technique. I was raring to go and meet him this afternoon. My driver took me no the sea front which was bitterly cold, swept by a biting wind.

We looked for the flat and rang the bell, but nobody answered. The fellow from dwonstairs allowed us to go in out of the cold. He said he hadn't heard the osteopath all day long.Indeed when we banged on his door, no answer.

I was so frozen, my breath was cut out. My only desire was to be back home in the warmth.

Back home, I wrote an email. he also had written an email telling me that he had had a death in his family. This was so sad. But I felt that it had started badly and I cancelled all further appointments. I shall try to go to nother osteopath. Unfortunately he won't know teh Alexander Technique. For the time being, I am taking Paracetamol, Fenbid gel to put on my painful chest. I think it's all these new exercises blowing in my flute and the new positions that have developed this pain.

So I am rather tired.

On teh good side, this morning, the postman brought me a device to help me breathe better in my flute. It's called Pneumo Pro Wind Director. There's a sort of curved stalk on which are attached little fans at different intervals. You have to learn to blaow on each little fan by altering the shape of your lips. It's very good, because I thought I was breathing downward, but not at all. That got me going for a fair bit!

So not so bad after all! But I am shattered. EArly night tonight!

Hope you are not too suffering from this dreadful wind. They say tomorrow might be warmer before the cold comes back! Take care, Mic

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Hi Mic,

All I can give you is a big hug - its late now so i will reply tomorrow. Just dont go to bed without a big cuddle! Even if it is a virtual one! X

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Hope you are all tucked up and fast asleep after your tiring day, the cold wind makes me feel beat, I have read about the Alexander technique and if you're like me, posture has made things worse, I hope you have better luck next time, sweet dreams Mic zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hugs huff xxxx


Thank you Huffy. I slept the whole night, for once!

I think you are right, I don't know after all if changing ones posture is possible. I will see another osteopath - but not of the Alexander Technique leaning. I put plenty of Fenbid gel. That helps diminish the pain.

have to see how I live with this for the enxt few days. I phoned the surgery and told the receptionist if I could have a telephone conversation because of my chest pain. She jumped! Oh no, you must come and see the doctor immediately!

Never had I such a quick appointment! But My doc who knows me from inside out, felt where the pain was and gave me more Fenbid gel (Ibuprofen, only on prescription). Hope your day is good, Huffy. Big hugs too, Mic


Hope you can whistle a happy tune soon Mic.

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What a busy day Mic.Hope you had a good rest.Your like the energizer bunny! You just keep going and going. Thats surely a good

thing. I could use some work on my posture. Thats for sure.


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I think you are right to cancel all further appointments - that did not start well at all! Interesting new breathing device - dont overdo it! Take good care, lots of love TAD xx

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Thank you, Here's the firm's beating the drum - whistling th flute - for their own "marvellous" product. It gives you an idea of what it looks like.

I have tried and found that I didn't know where I was breathing, downward or upward. The little fans, at least, are visual.


I Looked at the Alexander Technique many years ago in my Fit days but found the nature of my job and training would put back the technique most days. My only concerns were it would in my opinion be ideal to posture related problems? But if you have arthritic calcification in the spine or collapsed vertebra it may not be so effective as positioning the spine in the techniques way to "balance the spine" would not help? I did a bio mechanics course with the head physio at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and gave support talks to physical trainers with a Chiropractor I used. We watched a training session and explained what was wrong with the methods used to the trainer. The Chiropractor would say if they were problems to the trainer. "If you continue with this all I see is patients!"

The days of "no pain no gain" are gone!

Be Well


hahaha! All I see is patients! Of course, no one from the A.T. would say this. But it's true if it's the bone that re affected, not much you can do about it. I think they bank on the fact that our twisting is the twisting of muscles and they are flexible. Well more or less!

I'm going to go to a "normal" osteopath. Hopefully, he can sort out my painful shoulders.

But it's at the computer that I slouch , sooo comfortable without stretching the head up!

Cheers, Mic


Hi Mic, how are you feeling today?

I hope you are feeling better its not like you to be down? Blooming weather! My nose is hurting with the cold - i feel the wind is blowing up me nose to me brain.

Have you looked on youtube for the AT, i have often considered it as it has had many positive reviews. I know you can get it on DVDs. Just think you could do it in the comfort of your own home where you are comfy and warm.

Keep your pecker up, we have bad days so we can appreciate the good ones.

Any plans for the weekend?

Kindness always

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My wife has bipolar with schizoaffective disorders - she hears nasty people terrifying her. So she is in a nursing care home.

She phoned me last night to tell me I was no longer her carer. An hour later, she told me that I could still be her carer!

It's difficult to face what she tells me or do with a calm face and spirit. I do say to myself, poor lady, she has a fit of voices again. Her mum who lives in South AFrica phoned me to tell me that my wife phoned her in the middle of the night to see if she has not been attacked. Not easy.

Week end? ON sunday, I am going to church to sing in our little choir. Saturday, not much apart from washing and ironing - oh yes, I do like ironing! I do like to see the clothes become flat and have a clean look!

That's it! Cheers, Mic


Hi Mic you know what they say 'when the going gets tough'.

I am a single mum, my daughter is now 15, so it's easier now - I have to work and years ago childcare was a nightmare taking up so much of my hard earned money. So an old workmate who had retired offered to pick her up from school which made such a difference to my life and peace of mind. So he became her adopted grandad. (Why be normal when you can be fantastic?).

Now he visits everyday just out of habit - he has his tea, watches tv (which he doesnt have at home) gets warm with our central heating (which again he doesnt have at home) and all is fine. But he has dementia.... and as a consequence gets confused and can say some very hurtful remarks to me but I just have to take it as one of those things in life we have to cope with. He's always on my daughters side and I'm the baddy! I lost my job the other week and he called me a loser owch! I know he doesn't mean it - I know he didn't mean to put the washing up in the bin (well I guess its there cos we can't find so much stuff gone missing from the kitchen) He managed to put the dishwasher on the other week instead of a scoop of dishwasher powder he put a scoop of Miracle Gro in! I know these are small things compared to what you are going through but its all part of life. I remember all the good times with him when my daughter was younger, like them going down to the beach and me meeting them on the way home from work. Now it is my turn to repay the good deed.

Onto something more cheery and pleasing now. I,too,love ironing! I have a steam press. I love it. I iron tea towels and flannels that's bad isn't it? But when I see everything with right angled corners all neat and flat it really does give me a feeling of satisfaction!

Take care, I know you have chest pain and hope my virtual hug last night wasn't painful coming from a big heart! But the same again tonight a big warm hug is on it's way to you. Take care and stay strong - speak soon.



Dear Stephanie,

(spelled the French way)

Oh I do feel for you and your friend. I knew a lady whose husband sank into dementia. It also started with him putting the jug of milk into the oven instead of the fridge. Eventually, after his wife looked after him for a long time, he had to be put into a home for his and her safety, because he used to fall off the bed; she would hardly be able to lift him up..

At church, two ladies living together; one gets Alzheimer. She has to go, reluctantly for the other, into a home. The other lady asked me if I could transfer a cassette that the ill person and her had recorded a long time ago when they were on their way to be missionaries in China. The other lady had composed lovely Christian songs; they had recorded them singing together. So she keeps this memory of better times and tries to revive the memory of her friend in her care home.

I really feel for you having lost your job. I had the same experience in the 80’s. I was devastated. Bosses would tell me at interviews that I was overqualified! Oh I hope you can get a new job. Sometimes, you have to “diversify”. I had a friend who trained with me in French at the University of Liverpool. I learned lately that he has been working for 35 years at the office of statistics in France! I didn’t know that French could lead to that kind of job! Keep your hopes high for this and your future. I know it’s not easy. What’s your specialty?

Your big heart hug did me a lot of good, on top of the Fenbid gel and the Paracetamol I slept well till 5 am.

I kept busy with the ironing and washing of clothes today; then watch Churchill’s obituary. Now there’s a man to pep you up! “Never surrender” Thanks to these encouraging words, we won the war!

So as Barbra Streisand sings: Never give up, no, never give up!

Take good care of yourself and daughter and your poor friend. Mic


Merci mon amie, je parle une peur francais mais mes amies ici en englatere ne parlons pas francais so pour moir c'est difficile.

Mon amie une bon soiree pour tois! Et pour tois une petite bisous! Et ne parle pas tout! Nos plaisentarie? Bon chance en vie. D'ice demain. Ta amie Stephanie


Ma chère amie, c'est un effort splendide! The spelling is a bit phonetic, but you should dig in. Well done! Gros bisou!


Take care Mic, this is a difficult time of year. You have a lot to worry about with your wife's problems in addition to your own ill health. I really admire the way you keep exercising, trying new things like the flute etc. A sense of joy in life is the most important thing to maintain and you do a very good job at this. Be well !


Argana, since I was little, I was told by my mum and believed it, that we have a little flame of Life in us. Of course, having become a Christian, I believe that this little flame can be fanned up.

It's never put out!

I love the flute as a hobby I can really dive into.

cheers, Mic


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