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Horrible Nightmares Plague My Sleep...

Why does the time go by so sooner am I up than it's time for bed again. Mind you, I like my bed...well, actually it's the settee. Himself used to putter about being 'left on his own' when I went to bed in the bedroom so we devised this cunning plan...I'd go to bed on the settee and then we can still chat and I'm propped up for my breathing and have my hottie bottle and Himself is on hand when I want a cup of tea and I can read or crochet away to my hearts content...until ten o'clock when it's nebuliser and then lights out...

I'm making a crochet bedspread thingy in bright colours and it's ever so nice, though I say so myself...easy pattern that doesn't tax my brain and it's sort of meditative and peaceful to hook away the hours...mind you, it's a bit wonky on one edge.

But I'm still having horrible nightmares...last night I dreamt I was going to Portugal but didn't have a ticket for the 'plane and I had to clean out a freezer I was scrabbling about among packets of frozen peas while knowing I needed to be at the airport and thinking if I explained I couldn't afford a ticket it'd be alright...there were hundreds and hundreds of people all waving their tickets about and I was the only one without one...

I wake up all sweaty and panicky and keep thinking about it for ages afterwards...

Tell myself to get a grip...doesn't work though.

I did once tell a Doctor about those awful night terrors and he laughed and said I ought not drink coffee in the evening...but I don't anyway...I do have a mug of hot chocolate though.

I'm not a panicky sort of a person you see...bleed profusely and I'll be tying a teacloth round the offending limb and telling you to take deep breaths, the ambulance is on it's way...

So I'd quite like to know why these horrible dreams affect me so much...I've always had them. They aren't new.

I'm comfy and warm and know we're why do I still have them?

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There is some good advice there...thank you

Hello Vashti, nightmares are no fun, before you drift off, try to have nice, relaxing , happy thoughts, it really does work and you wake up where you left off! sweet dreams tonight! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :) huff xx

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Ah thank you

I'm still taking the same meds so wondering if changes can occur even after long usage...think I'll ask the consultant when I see her next week...the rest of the info is well worth thinking about...thank you xx

Are you taking any new medications ? Sometimes, meds can cause nightmares and other sorts of weird dreams. It seems almost too obvious to mention but anxiety/stress obviously doesn't help either. From your posts, it's clear that you have a a vivid imagination and it probably goes into overdrive when you sleep. Sounds like you'll have to do some meditating or yoga or somesuch, to tame those night terrors. Warm milk and soothing music maybe ?

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You think I make the articles I write up?

Of course I don't. But most people look at something and just see 'something.' You see all the possibilities, what was, who was there and what might yet happen. You know how to spot a story and how to tell a story and make it interesting and fun. Not everybody can do that and I think it requires a certain type of mind and of course, a very active imagination. Is that a good enough answer ? :)

its just natures way of getting rid of all the thoughts during the day in whatever Shakespearean play it wants to play that night :D

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But I don't like

some of mine I can do without :D

I emphasise with you vashti coz I get these sort of dreams as well but I put it down to my ad's. I reckon it's the downside of your creatitivity, remember no gift comes free does it? Hope you have sweet dreams tonight love. xx

Now, I had never thought of it like that...that's quite comforting in a strange sort of way...thank Coughalot...xxxx

:) x

You have my sympathy Vashti. I have been plagued by nightmares for many years. I know why I have mine. Which although it doesn't make them less terrifying at the time or less upsetting after nor less distressing to my wife, it does at least mean that we are not struggling to figure out why.

Can you not pin yours down to a starting date, age, event, etc Vashti? If you can it generally can help to reduce either the frequency and/or intensities.


Actually I've suffered from them since I was a child...and now you've mentioned the trigger rather think I remember what it was...thank you Rib xx

Morning Vashti, Horrid to have nightmares, makes you feel jittery especially as you are so down to earth, Our brains do strange things when we are asleep . So good to hear you are warm and comfortable, Best wishes, Bulpit

Thank you Bulpit...xx

You do not mention you drug regime? But I presume that you are of the age that most GP's are telling you to take statins to lower cholesterol? If so and you are taking them at night as that is when your liver is most active. It may well be the Statins? A well known side affect if nightmares!

He's never mentioned it...presumably because my cholesterol is ok...there could be any number of reasons I suppose.

My Cholesterol was 3.5 before statins and is still 3.5 after being on them for 12 years?

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