I have COPD - I can get a sharp pain in my back

While on my back and I extend myself I will need to take deep breaths before I can breath normal. While on my back between my left shoulder blade and backbone I will get a sharp pain. I am wondering what causes this. I know if I sit up or stand up the pain quickly dissipates.

PS: I am trying to avoid why I extend myself on my back - I hope I don't need to spell out this detail.

PPS: I am having vertebras 4 through 7 fused, the rest of my spinal chord is fine. My major pain issues in the neck effects the forehead, top of head, across the back of the skull edge, left side of neck, top of shoulder and left arm. I hope this is causing the pain issue mention above. The neck pain is chronic especially while sleeping the sharp pain issue is only under stress.

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  • Mite be your lungs geting air that does it when laying down if not some one know on here let you know what it is

  • I'd say it's coming from your neck Dwitt. I have awful neck pain and it causes pain in my back muscles. Sometimes it's sharp, like a stitch and I have to do a few breaths to breath it away. (Although it hurts like hell.)

  • What you wrote that's me. My neck surgery that fuses vertebra 4 thru 7 is schedule for end Feb.

  • I saw a program where someone had their vertebre fused in their back and it completely stopped the pain. They couldn't do the limbo anymore, lol, but they were well pleased to be pain free.

    I've put up with this neck pain for 10 years and never had it Xrayed once. They just called it wear and tear. I'm not sure I want them to Xray now, I've got enough ailments for the time being. haha.

  • A Cat Scan showed more information than the X-Ray & MRI. The MRI showed in 3-D where the cartilage was gone. The Cat Scan gave other detail in my vertebra 1 -2 which has less damage and was evaluated as not causing my pains .

    I have COPD so when the neck triggers pain it can get confusing is the pain COPD or shot vertebras. Sometimes my pain can go pass a 1 to 10 pain rating and I just cause it INSANE PAIN.

  • I had the same problem when bending over was sent for xray to be told I had osteoporosis due to steroid use prescribed alondrocic acid and calclous along with all the other copd drugs

  • Im probably way off here, but what about weakened mscles round ribs and lungs etc. Id see dr and get it checked anyway, if in UK you can get something called a powerbreathe medic on prescriptions which helps strengthen lungs, ggogle will show yo, but if you want some slow breathing exercises that may help try these

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