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Hi everyone, I take symbicort, spiriva and ventolin does anyone out there who uses these inhalers puff all three at once or wait I between each one before the next puff, also I know symbicort can cause dry mouth so I always rinse after use but I still get a dry mouth especially at night. I was going to ask the gp, but most of you good people have first hand experience. Hope everyone is all well. Love LeeLee. X

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I to use those 3, and yes i get a dry mouth, but more at night, so keep a bottle of water by bed, not to bad in day as a big tea drinker,,, I don,t think the doctor will come up with anything as it is one of the side effects sadly,,,one of the other things i have noticed as well is that my skin seems to have lost a lot of its elasticity,,very weird,,,,hope this helps you,,,breathe easy,, chrisse x

Hi chrissie thanks for replying. Yes I guess it's just one of things and yes I've noticed the lack of elasticity as well, I put it down to lack of muscle tone, I don't know, but it could be worse I suppose. Ta

I was on symbocoid but they took me off it as the dry mouth was driving me mad but also didnt have enough breath to suck it it in but now i am on a pink inhaler called fossair which is the same as symbercoiet but better still dry mouth but not half as bad hope this helps u as i am new on here i have c.o.p.d

Hi maggianey, welcome this a terrific site it's a big help. I have bronchiecstasis in one lung. I keep on top of it but this dryness is the pits feels like the desert, I'll have a chat to doc, but I do prefer to ask the lovely people here. Take good care. LeeLee x

Morning Leeleebird - My husband takes exactly the same inhalers. He gets a very dry mouth and keeps a bottle of water at the side of his bed at night. xx

Evening tadow, I'm in Sydney thanks for reply. Now I know what causes it, at least I don't dribble.

I had such a dry mouth i couldn't speak. So had to carry a water bottle and sip constantly just to have a conversation. Needless to say Im not on it now, and when i stopped i never noticed any difference to my condition, just got my saliva back :)

Hi o2trees, sometimes I think the side effects are more annoying than the condition itself.

Is that the reason you stopped using it and are you taking something instead and if so is it better than the symbicort, both for effectiveness and side effects?

Thank you

The symbicort has always been fine Jackdup. It was the spiriva which caused the dry mouth problem and i didn't notice any deterioration when i stopped taking it so I've never replaced it with anything.

There are more recent medications available now though, since that time. I don't know their names but my GP is suggesting i try something new in addition to the symbicort, which i may do.


I use my spiriva first in the morning then take my symbicort straightaway afterwards. I only use my ventolin if feeling breathless or coughing. I take big sips of water after which seems to help the dry throat. You should do this anyway to try and avoid thrush in the mouth.

I keep a water bottle by my chair and sip it all day and then take it to bed a night as always need it then. x

I, too, take simbicort and am suffering a ridiculously dry mouth both day and night, some times my lips stick together or me tongue sticks to my lips. So I have an apt with GP in the morning and I will let you know what he says.

Hi soak rackets. That sounds awful! Yes I would be interested to hear what the gp says. Many thanks LeeLee x

I get a dry mouth at night I keep a bottle on lemon squash mixed with lemonade by my bed. I also keep a packet of Fruit Pastilles as well. Sucking one of those definitely helps me. Maybe they get the mouth juices flowing ! :)

Hi puff, it's more common than I thought. If I kept fruit a stilled by my bed I'd the whole lot, love em

You should always rinse the mouth after inhalers. COPD patients should keep up their fluid Intake as it thins the mucus. Bronchiectasis patients should drink plenty as it helps reduce the stickiness of the mucus.

Hi thanks

Yes I always leave about 5 or 10 min in between but still get a dry mouth right at the back of it so always got something to drink on hand

Wow I have only just joined Reading about "Dry Mouth" I never related it to spiriva! Haven't found a solution yet but I will keep reading!

I use a dry mouth gel I got from the dentist of all places. I put a little in between my gum and lower teeth and spread it with my tongue on the gumline. I usually manage to sleep through most nights without waking during the night with a dry mouth.

I also was told if the mouth is dry to run your tongue in a circular movement along the gum line between the lower teeth up the cheek and then along the top gum line and back down to where you started. If you do this a couple of times it gets the saliva glands working again and gets rid of the dry mouth very quickly.

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