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"Living with Oxygen"

is the title of a short video in which three patients with long term respiratory conditions explain very candidly how ambulatory oxygen has been a life saver. What is really great in this well produced video [funded by the National Institute for Health Research] is that the patients do not shy away from mentioning their initial doubts and self reservations about carrying a pack when going out. These are doubts and reticences we all have when we are forced by illness to change our habits, our perceptions of ourselves, our self consciousness. But having made the jump, what a reward to be able to continue all kinds of activities, in the home and outside.

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Enjoy and tell your friends!!

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Fabulous video - Thank you all for your input. Wish that we had been able to watch something like this when my husband was prescribed oxygen. xx

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Great video that took me back to all those feelings in the early days of using oxygen when out and about. I'm an expert now and like the man in the video say's, 'I forget that I even have it on' :) .

Thanks for posting it papageno it will be very helpful to new oxygen users.


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Very helpful indeed and very insightful. I found it interesting that out of the three people featured, the lovely woman in red seemed to have found the experience most difficult. Are men less self-conscious I wonder or is the whole body image thing more important to women ? She mentioned the word stigma several times and isn't it sad that people have to feel a stigma attached because they need to use oxygen outdoors ?

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Yes, it is a sad reflection on our society that we are so fearful of being "different" when outdoors. We need more discussion of these feelings within the community.


yes a great video, and i have no doubts at all that oxygen has has helped me, but it does make out that wearing oxygen is very simple, and doesn't show any difficulties some folks might have.

in my case its not quite so simple as i have a fused spine, [in the upright position] its often difficult for me to carry the portable tank, although i do. but theres not much i can do about that,

i find that using a belt or velcro strap,even an old tie [ or even a new tie :D ] will hold the shoulder straps together at the front, which can save the straps slipping off the shoulders.

it doesn't mention the oxygen company will supply ear shields, as the tubing can cut in to the ears.

and the 15 or 20 metre length of green tubing attached to the oxygen machine in the house , can very easily get caught on door handles, or under the doors [if theres a space] or any obstacle , this has a pulling effect on the ears and can be quite sore.

also, as it can dry the inside of your nose , never to use vaseline types of cream as these are inflammable.

mind you i am more than grateful i was prescribed this oxygen, as , although often slightly awkward , it has been a life saver for me.

these things i have mentioned, i learned on this site,[apart from the tie :D ]

i thank the members for that,

but altogether a good insight to folks like me who need long term oxygen.

best regards " flash gordon :D "

jimmy :)

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