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Belated Happy New Year!

Good Morning to you all! Well it has been a long three weeks!! We had a great run up to Christmas, a great Christmas do, a fab Christmas eve, lovely Christmas day, family boxing day - then we were hit by the lurgy. (Probably serves me right I was pretty smug that I had kept us bug free!!) . It started with a bit of a sore throat, a bit of a headache, and then by the third day we were both bed ridden. NOW I know that flu is!!!! I cannot remember from New Years Eve for the next week - I had to drag myself out of bed to do the school run for the first week but think that's why I have taken longer to recover!

Our doctor has been so good. At the first sign of illness I started my husband on the abs and steroids. One week later he really hadn't improved - rang doctors agreed to start second course of abs. Went to pharmacy for prescription to find they had run out of antibiotics !!! Second pharmacy had the antibiotics but had run out of night nurse!! Think there must be an epidemic!!!! Last Monday I was really concerned my husband didn't seem to be improving - thank the gods for oxygen and the nebuliser. I am sure they kept him out of hospital. His breathing was so bad that at points he had to use the oxygen just to get to the toilet (ten yards along the hall if that). Nine days in the bedroom - oh I was stir crazy never mind him! Rang the doctors and she was out to see him by lunchtime - she said she knew my husband must be very ill as I never ring for visits! She agreed that were doing all the right things and his chest wasn't bad at all (for him!) - so we had to wait the flu out!

All back to normal now - first day back at work!! YIKES. So I say thank God for the NHS and the fantastic staff!

Wishing you all the happiest 2015 in the best of health xxx

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Hi Tad, it's nice to see you up and running again. I thought it had been a bit quiet round here. Now you are back at work keep away from anybody that is a bit buggy, you don't want to go down with another variant of flu. Take care.

Bobby xxx

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Quite right Bobby - have the anti-bac gel in my pocket!! Hope you are well xx

So sorry you've both been so poorly but glad you're back on the mend, that's lovely news. Wishing you both a Very Happy New Year. xxx

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Thank you Jolyn xx

Well at least you had such a good time before the dreaded lurgy hit TAD! How awful for you and especially for your poor hubby. I am glad you are all better now though. x

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Thanks coughalot - onwards and upwards! xx

Like they say you had the calm before the storm and it was a pretty rough old storm too. Well done for doing all the right things but you were let down by the shortage of antibiotics. It seems you weren't alone with being ill.

I'm on antibiotics and 30mg of prednisolone at the moment myself as breathing is pretty poor, its just that time of year again. :) .

As you say Tad, the NHS and its workers are what keeps us all going and they deserve all the praise they can get and less of the negative press were all used to seeing.

Good to see you back Tad. Tony xxx

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Sorry to hear that your breathing is not great - apparently it will be milder this weekend (after all the snow has cleared!!). Just remember its not forever, spring is around the corner and we will all be much better. Thank you Tony - take good care xxx

Lovely to hear from you Tad, I'd been wondering how you were. Glad that you have both recovered now.

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Thank you Argana xx

Glad you are over both over the 'flu Tadaw. Sounds like it was a pretty rough time especially for your husband. Take care, and as you say spring is on the way! All the best for 2015. xx

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Never mind my husband!!!! It was rough for me!!!!!! And all the best to you xxx

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That's a given Tadaw! XXX

It must have been awful Tadaw, but I'm glad your both ok now. xx

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Thanks Casper99 - it was but thank god we are all OK now! xx

Hi Tad, you have been missed! Sorry to hear you hear did'nt get a good start to the new year, hope your both feeling much better now. I get so much from your posts, my hubby has been very good about this debilitating disease, but it makes me cross that i can longer do the things i once could, even simple little things. Still i have a lot to be thankful for Love Kin Xx

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Thank you Kin. I know it is very frustrating for my husband and this time I got very frustrated because I felt so ill and was trying to look after him! My advise stay positive and grateful! You are lucky to have such a good husband. Lots of love xxx

I was fine over Christmas and saw the New Year in with a dram, but that night started to sneeze, cough and quiver (as you do) and it's taken almost three weeks to get back to a modicum of normality. Am downing supplements and pro-biotics by the ton!

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I sympathise Dragonmum! I have put us on Metatone tonic to see if that speeds up the recovery - no evidence it has! Take care, xxx

Always found Metatone good - if it doesn't work you could try Orovite.

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Thank yo uxx

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