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nose bleeds

Hi, I wondered if anyone has had really bad nose bleeds? out of the blue not on any meds at all ? I had 3 last week and was taken into hospital 3 times and then kept in for 2 nights while my nose was packed. No scans they said its very common right now with the weather as well but my loss was spectacular and very scary. It seems it was a high up bleed on both sides and my eye also pinged like that 2 years ago? I am nervous now and wondered if anyone had the same. Back to ENT in a month but may see a private Dr on Friday for peace of mind? Has anyone else had this? also right now of course I have no taste or sense of smell which would figure as I was packed 5 days ago ..My worry is when the pack dissolves does it do it again or do the vessel's knit together naturally ? any thoughts would be great .

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That sounds very scary! I cant help you at all but would go and see your GP and ask his/her advise. The best of luck, TAD xx


I was a nose bleeder for many years. I used to and still do suffer headaches but they seemed to come before a nose bleed and after they stopped the headache had too? Before I was on may many tablets I used to give blood as I am O-. I was even called in to give a they needed some urgently. But when I gave blood my nose bleeds reduced and 3 months after I would not have a headache either?

It was not until I had a major nose bleed about 25 years ago that started at 10:00 and was finally stopped in A&E at 21:00! I was packed it seemed with about a mile of liquid paraffin socked gauze and had an appointment the following morning at the ENT clinic. They took me in and injected anaesthetic up my nose which ran down onto my lips and tongue. They then opened up the nostril with a clamp and cauterized the blood vessel that was causing the problem. the vessel was high in the nose and pinching it did not work because the bone stopped the pressure. Stopped the big bleeds but headaches continue I get very minor nose bleeds still and had one in my sleep that covered my face with blood a few weeks back.

As for mending as long as you are not on Warfarin as I am now then it should repair quite quickly once it has been stopped. try not to blow your nose for some days.

Be Well


Thank you really helpful, just nervous now it was a shocker to be admitted for 2 days , guess something I may have to live with but as the DR said we just don't know if and when ..If it was a normal bleed I would not have posted but the fact that I had 3 on each day and was rushed in by ambulance then admitted it seemed very odd..x


I am sure they will sort it out


Thank you


Recently I have suffered with nosebleeds. I do have COPD and on several inhalers and oxygen. I had a scary one today. I had to told my head over the sink and it just splashed out. I noticed clots as well. I was terrified. I will call COPD nurse tomorrow.

Hope you feel better now.



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