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Forgotten p.I.p update(2)

Some of u , May be following my messages relating to my p.i.p l started back in August 2014, and the fact that upto a week ago heard nothing. For Rhodes how are claiming this may interest you.

Just got off phone call from dwp (yes they phoned back as promised within three days) and it seems many are in the same position, if not waiting longer....atcos are sending back to them without a reason. They are saying dwp are requesting them back while dwp are saying they can't do anything unless face to face done first and their findings. They have today forwarded my notes to them again by email and l have been told to wait around 8/10 weeks to hear if l am going to get my assessment date. Then once again phone if not heard.

She did say being it's my second claim it goes to a different section.

So now into week 26, and wondering when or what l will hear next. What annoys me is it was returned to dwp in Oct, yet l heard nothing and its just been sitting collecting dust.,along with others.

Am l pleased to hear that my paperwork is on its way to assessment once again....Yes. However, that does not mean l will get an face to face, or any payments.

This additional waiting time, brings it into 33/35weeks. If going by what this lady told us, I should be happy that my case has gone across.

Wonder when l can uncross my fingers?

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This is disgusting.

Totally agree with you. Once again your in the hands of people who don't know your situation, and to them it's just another day.

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Where abouts do you live. My daughter sent her claimed end of last year, Sept /Oct. And had an assessment last week. I thought we were in the area that atcos are doing. Hope you get sorted soon, sending you hugs.

They could very well refuse her, and then I have told her to appeal if they do. Lol


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My whole process took 10 months with my MPs intervention. The assessor wrote that I was of smart appearance, can stand up and lift my arms above my head! Very little comment on my mobility and no understanding of copd. Was rejected and my mp wanted me to appeal but I had enough. Was told by DWP that neither ATOS or DWP get reports from hospitals or drs. They judge on appearance and what you write.

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Please don't give up LF.

My assessor did not want to see my letters that I bought to the assessment either, but I posted copies to both ATOS and DWP, following the assessment.

At the assessment, I felt I was going to be unsuccessful, hence why I sent in the letters. I am not sure if the letters helped, but I felt I had to send them anyway.

If your medication has increased since you filled in the form 10 months ago, then you really must let them know this by letter.

Good luck!

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With both my claims as my first one went to appeal and refused, l have submitted letters from my consultants, and any other paperwork including airport assistant, drug lists, anything that backs my problems. Your hospital consultant will sent you a copy of your meeting in writting, but if not contact his secretary, usually they will supply you with one. This outlines your present health, and follow up treatment. Even the flow tests done at your hosp, will supply info if u explain why if contacted. The age uk told me to supply them with everything u have to back up ur claim and helped me fill out form.

As for appeal, after the first appeal to appeal again means going to court which can take a good year. Hence l left it a couple of months and resubmitted a new claim which l am now waiting to hear about.

well, no wonder so many folk are being turned down if they don't take info from the medical profession! How about that for know alls ?! My dad has been dead years, bless him and even he could raise his hands above his head, except just before he died.

I live in kent. This is my second time l have claimed. My first one went to appeal and was refused, after face to face. Sometime they will except your appeal. However, l have come to the conclusion, that it's very much a gamble.

Hence l have applied again. Thanks for your kind words. Hope your success ful.

Hi Pamilia,keep those fingers crossed until the money is in the bank,Don,t trust anything they say until it is proven.Regards D.


Thanks, will bare that in mind.

get your MP involved this has gone past a joke.

Hi Pamilia.

It is unfortunate that the waiting time is unbearable. I waited exactly 1 year to the the month before getting my face to face assessment.

For all that waiting, I was successful and will receive standard living rate, but not mobility until 2020.

Good luck!

Was told as this is my second claim, as first refused, that it goes to a different department. Been six months so far, longer than first claim.

I went from October 2013 to May 2014 before I got mine through.

Nice to hear some have succeeded. I have bronchiolitis, not sure what your suffering from.

Thanks for your input.

I have a very aggressive Systemic and Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. I have lost one lung and suffer from extreme breathlessness. Every treatment that they have tried has had the opposite or no effect on my disease. And because it is not acting as text book I have been a guinea pig for the doctors. I can manage to walk a little around the house but for the most part I am chair bound. I get too light headed and dizzy doing menial things such as housework, getting dressed, brushing my hair, ect. My resting heart rate is 110-120. sometimes I get under 100 but it is rare. I average 95% O2 which is good. They are looking to do a procedure on my lung to try and get me 10% more lung function. Fingers are crossed. If I could just get out of the chair to walk more then 10 Feet I would be happy.

U certain deserve disability. Glad to hear it went go a deserving cases. In many ways l seem lucky with bronchiolitis.,dispute it's usually effects children and adults rarely.

Hope ur latest treatment helps.

P.I.P. is the only benefit that I receive though it isn't much but it does help greatly. And I hope that you get yours sorted soon. I know the agonizing wait. Hoping each day that you will hear something from them or see a deposit in your bank account. It is stressing. Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer for you.

when I found out about my illness it was the hospital who handled my claim for d.l.a. I had not even heard of it before, but with in 6 weeks I got my payments, never had any problems from the dwp, I get the higher rate now, its a god send. so I was really surprised the problems you are having, I hope it all works out for you, soon.

all the best...Davey..

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As I understand it dla has been replaced by pip about a year and a half ago. It was then that the face to face assessment was brought in, to sort out those who do not need it. U have to be assessed first, which takes time, and their report then goes to dwp who action accordingly.

Age uk helped me do both my forms, of which l lost my appeal on my first one, hence have submitted again.

I thought Atos were given a date to leave ?

Not heard this.

Atos was the brain child of the labour party they were given a contract till 2017 but Cameron found they were not fit for the job and Atos wanted to get out of the contract after all the mess they made.

I have just seen on the news how this young lad was partially sighted and had mental health conditions he was found fit for work by Atos he benefit was cut he took his own life. The coroner has put this on his death certificate things have to change before anymore people die

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I intend to reapply and will ask the Brompton for a copy of my lung function tests etc. Found the whole thing very stressful and that neither the DWP or ATOS have any understanding of lung conditions.

Enclosed lung function results, consultants letters,even drug lists and even assisted aid for planes when l applied for my first claim which was refused. Did appeal but no joy. This is my second claim, and same but more upto date info supplied. Yes, it's stressful but u have nothing to hide.

Go for it.

I've finally got my face to face 26 February that'll be 55 weeks I've waited. Did have 1 for esa which I receive nothing and was awarded that. The 2 departments don't communicate. No wonder they take so long to have them. So 55 weeks then it'll be 6 to 8 weeks for a decision. That'll be 61 to 63 weeks from date of first putting in the claim.

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Oh forgot I've got vascular disease heart disease sevre copd diabetes and to top the lot off have depression. Like i said in the previous post it will be at least 61 weeks until I even get a decision. I had a mild stroke in December 2012 this was my start of the benefits system. I would much rather be back at work earning £400 to £700 a week. We got esa for a year. Then was advised to claim pip. We get no housing benefit or council tax benefit the wife only works 30 hrs a week for the nhs that pays £900 a month. Take off £550 a month for rent £120 council tax. That leaves £230 for gas electric shopping and bills

Sounds like u have had to deal with many things in ur life. Hope ur claim gets a decent hearing and outcome.

Good luck hope u get it iv just sent mine in x

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Thinking of you. As u know can tell by my notes, not a quick progress and you need to check progress. Have fingers crossed being my second claim.

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