Wrap up Healthunlockeders

Wrap up Healthunlockeders

Looks as though were in for a long cold spell so its time to take care and look after yourselves.


I've paid a visit to my GP today and returned home on 30mg of prednisolone and a week of co-amoxiclav, with a follow up check next Tuesday. Happy Days eh'!!

Oh yeh this is my Dad and his dog Bron who seem to have it all sorted sat /lay in front of the woodburner giving it some ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


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  • Hope things soon improve for you. This time last year (and the preceding three years!) I was in hospital - I'm hoping to buck the trend this year! You do the same!

  • Thanks Fern, If I take the pills I'm sure they'll put me right, if not then its probably a hospital visit for the IV treatment. After 2 new years in hospital I've just managed to stay out the last 2 so hopefully I can do the same this year.

    Look after yourself Fern and in a few months we'll be riding our bikes under the heat of the sun with the wind in our backs, sounds good eh'

    Tony x

  • Last March, after my fortnight in hospital, they put me this PICC line in my arm and gave me some IV AB through this. The consultant said that next time, he would prefer the PICC line to other treatment so I could stay out of hospital. I needed to go to hospital to have this thing fixed nto my arm, then sent home. I had hospital transport which was brilliant. Hope it helps. Mic

  • Dont worry flibberti, I wont be caught out like that again in a hurry, I'll be resting for a while and when I do venture out I'll check weather forecasts and have a good look around at the distant sky's.

    If I had looked further than the sun right in front of me and the end of my nose I would have seen those dirty grey clouds coming and stayed near the car. Lucky for me I wasn't to far away as the bridge and turning point to head back is over a mile away and I could have so easily been there.

    There's always a bright side eh' :) .

    Dad and Bron seem to have the right idea but they had probably already done a 2 mile walk that morning as they do every morning but their no fools and would be well prepared for anything the weather could throw at them.


  • You take care as well Tony and take those meds and keep warm. That's a lovely cosy pic :-) xx

  • Thanks jolyn, The sputum sample is ready for the Doc and I've started the meds so now we wait and see.

    Like my Dad and Bron I'm in the warm and feeling pretty cosy right now so its not so bad and my breathing has started to improve today even before taking the meds so all's well. :)

    Tony xx

  • Lovely dog Tony and your dad looks good too. You take care and hope all goes well for you. Thinking of you as always. xxxx

  • Dads having his well earned afternoon rest, He does at least 2 miles for his morning walk with Bron across pretty rough and hilly ground and he's sorted out wood and coal fed the chickens etc etc. If I could do half of what he does I'd be very happy but for now I'll become a couch potato and take my medicine.

    Tony xxxx

  • Take good care of yourself Tony. The picture of the dog made me smile and think of the dog who belongs to the Vicar and her husband on Gogglebox. Very similar but you won't know what the hell I am talking about if you have never watched the programme. xxxxxxx :)

  • I have seen Gogglebox but not much, its quite funny watching all different types of people making their comments on things their watching on TV. Simple idea but it kind of works. :)

    I'll look out for the vicar and her dog next time I see it xxxxx

  • Take care of yourself Tony. Lovely picture of pure contentment of your dad and his companions. Xris x

  • They look pretty relaxed don't they :) . Thanks Xris xx

  • you take care Tony and love the pic. Never seen such a contented scene :)

  • The pics not quite the same quality as your amazing fly but it tells a story that hard work is rewarded if only by a quick knap. :)

  • It's pretty cold here ( in southern Ireland) too but not as bad as the conditions described in the article yet. Today is cold but very sunny, so if that holds up until lunchtime, I'll chance a quick walk then. This last week I've gone to two large indoor shopping centres and walked there. Not long walks obviously but enough to remind my legs of what their job is and keep my lungs ticking over. Can be combined with a cup of coffee and a little shopping if one is up to it so a pleasant alternative to being at home 24/7 in this weather.

  • Large indoor shopping centres sound like the perfect place to get some winter exercise. When I've been in hospital and on the recovery I walk round and round the corridors and up and down the stairs, I know every inch of Worcester Hospital and if fit enough I think I could be a pretty good porter now. :)

    As you say it beats sitting and watching day time TV and keeps everything fit and ready for when the weather improves.

  • Tony, I hope the news willl get better for you next Tuesday. I think the cold spell is mainly in Scotland (where Huggs live and Jimmy) In the south we have this dreadful wind from teh jet stream. I have escaped hospital this year, although I did get pseudomonas just before Christmas and pneumonia caused by Moraxella just after Christmas. I had a wonderful GP, pulmonary nurse support. In fact the pulmonary nurse, bothered to come on 31 December to check and observe my stats. I really could've kissed her for her concern. Thanks to them I stayed at home. Get well soon Tony., MIc

  • Sounds like your getting VIP treatment there Mic, it makes sense, if they can prevent you from going to hospital then that's better for you and it probably saves a lot of money also.

    You should have kissed her Mic, well that's if you could catch her. :) .

    Us soft southerners wouldn't last a day with Huggs and Jimmy, they must be made of some pretty tough stuff eh' Mic.

    You must send your pulmonary nurse around to me, she sounds a good un. I recon I could catch her Ha Ha, we'll in my dreams on a very good day maybe. :) .


  • You take care of yourself Tony. Hope that wasn't a result of the day you were caught out in the rain. You know you can't be too careful so you better join you Dad and Bron on the sofa. No getting up to any mischief either! xx

  • Think I might pop and see him tomorrow, there's room for three on that settee and its as warm as toast with the wood burner and the central heating on.

    If I time it right I might even get fed as well. :)

    I don't think the rain did it as something has been brewing for a while now, maybe the cold and rain was the finishing touch.

    Tony xx

  • Hi Tony,you reminded me,I was in hospital beginning of January last year,so in that sense things have improved,hope you feel better soon,D.

  • There's always a bright side eh' farmer' but sometimes you do have to look pretty dam hard for it.⛄ .


  • I've got to say co-amoxiclav has never worked for me in the past but there's always a first time. The steroids on the other hand do work very well and seem to bring things back to my normal pretty quickly with no obvious side effects.

    I agree that keeping moving is key to keeping the lungs clear and working at their best so this cold weather isn't helping. I managed a little exercise in the front room today which resulted in shifting a lot of mucus, this in turn improved my breathing so point proved eh' flibberti

    Tony x

  • Hi Tony, Hope you are looking after yourself just like your Dad & Bron they are so laid back take care. MC

  • I have been pretty Horizontal lying on the couch most of the day MC, it seems being laid back is in the family. :) .

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