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What steriod?

Morning everyone. As u know steriods are widely used in most of our cases. I am on prednisolone 10mg a day and have been to treat my bronchiolitis along with immune tablets for over a year now. Seeing consultant this Thursday and last meeting it was suggested l change.

Does anyone know of any steriods that can be used instead that are not cancer related. He did suggest one before but l refused as l knew it was and l have a history of cancer in the family. For some reason they seem reluctant to mention that. Also love to hear from any who has had lung reduction done, as that's something else that's been put forward at last meeting. Fingers crossed l don't go down that route.

Any advice welcome.

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Hi I didn't know any steroids were considered carcegenic so can't help you with that I'm afraid.

I have a friend who had the lung reduction surgery a couple of years ago. She had had pneumonia several times and part of one lung was diseased and affecting her health. She was in hospital just over a week and they took out half one lung. She said it was sore and painful and she felt tired and weak for around 6 weeks or so. She has been left with a big scar which is fading nicely.

She said it was the best thing she ever did and she has found a big improvement in her health and breathing. So if you need it I would say go for it. x

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Thanks for your input. It was not till l checked on the internet after he suggested a replacement for prednisolone that l looked up outline the possibilities of cancer related do to my family history. Understand many of theses steriods are used in this case also. Any drug we get has a leaflet outlining the side effects and if it suitable to have it. After all consultants can get it wrong also. Know we should not do that but l feel we should be told this anyway. So l tend to check prior to going on them. Last time, l had six weeks before l was meant to change over, so l had time to contact his secretary and ask to see him to discuss it. He agreed it would be unsuitable for me.

Interesting reading about your friend and her lung reduction....positive feedback. Not worried about scar, etc, just quality of life. Think that's what on must of our minds.

Thank you for your reply.x


You are welcome Pamila and glad if I have helped a bit. Take care. x


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