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hi i was told i had copd at end of nov., that was it giving a care book then 11 pages of material. put them on shelve went on with my life. last wed. bent over todry my hair got up then i couldnt breath so much pain in back. very heavy breathing doc didnt know what to do steroids, ecg, nebuliser. scared. couldnt get me addmited go home if gets worst phone ambulance. ive gone from a full time job to not being able to walk ten steps with out being in stress. dont know who to talk to. ie the conditions are they normal. sorry if not being posative just a little confussed and scared.

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  • Hi, don't panic. Stress will not help with the breathing. Look up the demo of of 'pursed lip breathing' on YouTube. This will help.

    I wonder if the pain in you back could be pleurisy, it's extremely painful, however, the doc can tell with a stethoscope if it was/is.

    You will be fine when some medication is sorted out for you, sometimes it can take a few weeks to get them right for you personally - we're all different.

    You will probably be prescribed A couple of inhalers: one to take daily called a preventer - this will help keep your airways open - the second called a reliever, fast acting to use before exertion, going out into extreme temperatures and for when you are particularly breathless.

    You will find much support on here. If you're in the UK you could call the wonderful BLF helpline tomorrow 03000030555 for guidance and request lots of information which you must read (not put on the shelf)!

    There very best of luck to you. Peege

    edit: I should have said it sounds as though you've a good doc. You may have an infection now making you short of breath in which case it all sounds normal.

    Easy to say I know but try not to worry, you will be sorted out x

  • thanks peege, i will look on utube and use the phone no, and read the info not shelf them ha ha

  • Evening welcome to the forum.

    You've just given perfect advice just wanted to say hello.

    Kim x

  • Aw thanks. One tries.

    I can well remember how lost I was two years ago floundering around trying to find help :D

  • Yeah me too. Now I feel I could lecture on the subject.

    Kim x

  • I do as well :d x

  • thanks peege breathing thing does help. hello kim, the advice helps from others that are going through it. thanks x

  • If ever you are struggling, just pop on this site and someone will give you great advice. It is very scary at first, but hopefully you will be able to adjust to living your life in a different way.

  • Welcome and peege as it nailed once more. This site shows you are not alone we all have something a little different and at different stages. Never think it was a silly question if it is upsetting you. ask! They are a good bunch on here.

    Be Well

  • Hi and welcome, you have already been given some good advice. i would imagine there's something else going on as COPD does not usually get so bad so quickly. Do give BLF a call. Thinking of you. Kin Xx

  • didnt see this till now and yes you were right it was a colapsed lung. x

  • Pleased you got it sorted, hope you are on the way up now! Xx

  • Yes follow Peege excellent advice.

  • hi. its been 23 days since i have been here. i ended up in hospital with a clapsed lung. after two chest drains and an operation feeling better and my copd dosent seem so scary any more ha ha so back to looking at booklets and advice. to start with is it good to exercise? i know it is but how much. i read a post where some one said she stopped smoking exercised and her copd changed to moderate to mild is that right i thought it wouldnt change just sta the same

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