im ok and missed you

to all my healthunlocked family

im so sorry i have had some people concerned about me as i havnt been around for a while...............its been a difficult few weeks and i have popped on to leave huggs and sonia and jen messages...

im meant to be going to hairfiled tomorrow the 19th but i think its going to get canceled but either way i will pop on tomorrow evening to catch up

thank you so much for the messages etc that ive had and im sorry for any worry i have caused...your a fab bunch and i have missed your company over the past few weeks but im ok

x x x x x x x x

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  • Hi Mandy How are you x

  • Great to see you back. PM'd only one hotel as much in Harefield has now closed. Did you get it OK as have had problems?

  • Good to see your OK Mandy, and if it comes off I hope the Harefield visit goes well. xxx

  • oh i dont know how the heck you keep so positive...i really dont think i can go through with the op im too scared

  • Hi Mandy

    are you there?

  • yeah im on and off cos my pc is in kitchen and im cooking.....

    hows things

  • You getting your op soon?

    How are you?

    We all miss you

  • oh god i really dont think i can go through with it.....i was at the hospital last week and the more they were telling me the more i thought it wasnt for me but im not making any decisions yet

    they are going to ring me this week and tell me if its a yes or no.

    how are you.......i really have missed a lot of people on here i just needed to take myself away from the illness for a while if that makes sense

    x x x

  • I'm ok. Got the stomach bug. Concerned with you Right now. I guess the op is pretty scarey huh? Have you spoke with people that had it done?

  • no not yet but i hope someone will email me x x

  • Hi Mandy, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place and that's what makes my decision easy. Even if I refuse the operation I'm still not safe so even though the transplant option is risky its also not risk free to stay as we are.

    At least with a transplant there is a real chance of returning to the fit and healthy people we once were.

    I have talked to my lung consultant and respiratory team and many others who all think I should go for the transplant, maybe because they also see the dangers of staying as I am and hoping to dodge all the infections that could be very hard to fight off on so little lung function.

    4 1/2 years ago my wife was being told that I wasn't going to survive the double pneumonia and ARDS that damaged my lungs permanently but I did. This experience somehow took all the fear away, I faced my demons and since then I seem to be able to take what ever comes my way, probably because I shouldn't really be here now and this bonus life I have been given is exactly what it says it is, a bonus where I'm determined not to live in fear.

    Try not to be afraid Mandy, get on the list and keep your options open then you can get on with living until that phone call comes which could be years away, that's when you will know what to do.

    Tony xxx

  • i can see why you think the way you do after being so ill.......i hope your call comes soon hun x x

  • I've sent you a message Mandy it has my mobile number on it. I've had a rough few weeks I've just split up with my husband xxx

  • I'm so, so sorry to hear your sad news, Mandy. It's really terrible.

  • Good to know ur ok, that's whats great we all worry bout each other, so glad ur ok. Xx Sonia ( sis ) xxxxxx

  • Glad to hear you are ok. I emailed Laura asking after you but even she said that she had not heard from you. Looking forward to reading your posts tomorrow. Rib

  • yeah i emailed laura today.....ive just been hibernating and found it hard to cope with whats going on so just avoided it all but im a bit better now

    thanks for asking x x x x x

  • Good luck with it all Mandy, been a bit of a long haul for you hasn't it? Good to hear from you :) :)

  • yeah its been a long haul your right...its already been over a year but this thursday or friday they will tell me if its a yes or no

    im just sick to death of the whole thing to be honest

    x x x

  • Oh please let us know Mandy. I know you're scared but at least if you get a decision you can think seriously about whether to go ahead or not. No wonder you're so fed up. Thanks for updating us Mandy xx :)

  • yeah thats what im doing and also when i was there i got the chance to speak to a psychologist who was amazing and he is going to see if i can have some sessions with him on the phone cos its so really hoping they will say yes

    ive missed you all and hope your well x x x

  • So pleased you sound more positive about it than some of your previous replies. You must go through ups and downs about it to say the least, so brilliant there's a caring psychologist to help.

    Im not at my best, but not dealing with anything huge like you - all luck and love to you. :)

  • Good luck with your appt.Mandy,do hope all goes well xx

  • You take care, will be thinking about you. xx

  • Hi Mandy,

    Glad you popped in to say HI. We were

    all worried about you. A lot of people care.

    My thoughts are with you and good lot to you.


  • Hi Mandy great to see you back, you were missed. Sorry to hear your not to good though, i do so hope you feel better soon. Love Kin Xx

  • Good luck with everything!

  • Hi Mandy ,good to hear from you,hope you can make your appointment.I go to the BROMPTON on 22nd, might find out what they have in store for me.So glad you,re ok.Regards D.

  • Wishing you all the best Mandy. Sara x

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow, good luck dear Mandy xxxx

  • Good luck for tomorrow Mandy. Love Mx

  • Mandy, I hope you get another appointment and everything is sorted out for you. Mic

  • hope all goes well tom mandy lots of love

  • Nice to see you back with us and I hope your hospital appointment goes well tomorrow, take care xx

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