Just joking of course, as I was kidding her on that this would explain her absence from the forum!!

A lot of you will have noticed that Suzy hasn't been around for a little while. Suzy hasn't been well at all and has been going through a rough time. She has been having all sorts of appointments, tests and scans and it has been one thing after another. In addition, she has had a severe chest infection since just before Christmas requiring 3 lots of antibiotics and 2 of steroids and has not recovered from that yet.

One of the tests Suzy has had is a petscan which showed nodules and borderline biopsy. The biopsy is due on the 22nd of January, so she is understandably worried and a bit down. Those of us who know Suzy, know her to be a lovely, kind, caring and supportive person to others, but now Suzy needs us to cheer her up and be full of encouragement and positivity which I know you all will be.

Suzy has asked me to say a special thank you to eyes who has remembered her every appointment, and wished her good luck each time, so that has been much appreciated eyes.

Suzy has been reading posts, and has also asked me to give a special mention to Fred whose posts she has been following, and she says she is trying to be as positive as him, and that his attitude and positive spirit has been of great comfort to her. So big thanks to eyes and Fred.

I hope I have remembered everything Suzy, and I am wishing you peace and the best of luck with your biopsy this coming week. Its great that your hubby and son are rallying round, and that you have been reading many posts. You know we are all in your corner, and will be with you in spirit each step of the way. You take good care now, and hoping you can catch up with some sleep.

Thanks for reading everyone, and take care.

hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

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  • this site is such a wonderful warming site everyone and I mean everyone watches out for each other that was what kept me going through my hospital stop recently because of pneumonia boy was I rough but as always I came out at the other end OK.

  • Hi ant,

    Thanks so much for supporting Suzy, and my apologies for the lateness of my response and for also not realising you had been so unwell. That was probably around the time I was offline for a week with lappy problems, and then storms continually brought down the internet connection. I have also had multiple hospital appointments on the mainland so have missed you being ill for those reasons. I hope you continue to gain strength and improve generally as it takes a lot out of you. Take care and keep well.

    Suzy may be posting herself within the next few days or so.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • let us hope Suzy is well soon my recovery was short lived only 4 days out and I got hit by a bilateral chest infection had 1 weeks bed rest and on anti b's plus O2 tomorrow I can start getting up for half a day at a time and move on from there.

  • Hi ant,

    You are having a hard time of it just now, or should I say quite a while now. Imagine getting an other infection just days out of hospital, what a shame. All of this will have taken it out of you, and will tire easily, so don't overdo it, and make yourself ill with exhaustion, but at least sitting up for a little while will get your circulation going, and you will feel you are making progress. I hope you don't get any more set backs, and progress well.

    Suzy has had her procedure done, and was very well looked after by the nurses on the day, and at home afterwards by her family. She is still tired and a bit tender, so is taking it easy meantime and trying to regain some weight, which she has lost.

    You take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • thanks hugs I sure am getting plenty of shut eye at the moment happy to hear suzy has had her procedure done and hope she is now on the road to recovery

  • Hi ant,

    You get plenty of sleep as that is good a medicine as any on the road to recovery, your body needs it.

    Suzy has been in touch and her Petscan was clear, but there is a bit of confusion over the cause of the nodules.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • One bit of good news then but if the nodules are not bothering her much I would try and forget about them it will all come out in the wash eventually.

  • Dear Suzy, I wish you all the best with your apt next week. Think positive try not to worry for now ......you know worrying won't help. I will be thinking of you. Huggs, thank you- loved the header and the flowerxxxx

  • HI jenss,

    My apologies for the late response to your lovely message of support for Suzy. She has read the replies and is very grateful to you all, and hopefully will be posting herself within the next few days, depending on how she is feeling.

    Glad you liked the header, lol, I thought it would catch people's eyes. ha ha.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

    ps I tried to recommend your reply, but it came up as minus one, so I left it. Not sure what I did wrong. lol :)

  • Ahh....I don't know Suzy but I wish her all the very best. These chest infections are nasty at the moment. Sending a huge warm hug and lots of love. xxx

  • HI Lyn,

    Thanks for sending Suzy your support and good wishes which have been very much appreciated. I apologise for the lateness of my response, but got very behind with everything. I think Suzy will post herself within a few days depending on how she is feeling.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Sorry to hear you have been so poorly. These chest infection can be a mare, hopefully you are on top of those now. Keep your chin up and keep believing, be positive and have good thoughts. We are all thinking of you. Sending you special hugs and best wishes. XXX


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much, on behalf of Suzy for your kind and supportive message. I think Suzy may post herself in a few days time and thank everyone herself, depending on how she is feeling.

    My apologies for the late response.

    hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

  • Suzy, all the best with the biopsy. Really hope that things will go well for you. Love from Pergola xx

  • Hi Pergola,

    Thanks for your good wishes on behalf of Suzy, who really appreciates your support and kind message. My apologies for the late response to your message, and hope things are going okay with you.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks, Hugs. Things are reasonably OK but get sad +++ a lot. Anyone in the same situation as me, is welcome to message me. XXXX

  • Thanks again to the amazing Huggs who is central to this site and helps keep us all in touch with just about everyone it seems. Three cheers Huggs!

    Good luck to you Suzy for all you are having to go through. Sending love and positive thinking all the way. Hope all goes well for the biopsy and love to your family too. Take heart and take care. xxxxxx

  • Hi Sassy,

    You are welcome! Thanks for the cheers, but not necessary although very much appreciated. You looking for an job as an assistant PA by any chance? LOL :d

    My apologies for the late response to your message, and a big thank you on behalf of Suzy who is so grateful for all of the lovely, kind and supportive messages. I think she will post herself within the next few days, depending on how she is feeling.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

  • Suzy, I too will be thinking of you and look forward to getting to know you when you are better and feel up to posting. Xris x

  • Hi Xris,

    Thanks very much for your kind message of support for Suzy, which I know is much appreciated. My apologies for the late reply, but haven't been online that much myself.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Take care Suzy, yes we are with you and wishing you the best possible for the biopsy.

    Get stronger and look forward to seeing your posts again later on :) :)

  • HI O2,

    Thanks a lot for your supportive message to Suzy which she is vey grateful for. My apologies for the late reply, but I haven't been online much myself.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi Suzy. All good wishes from me for your upcoming biopsy. I too have nodules on my lungs and have been having pet scans every six months to keep an eye on them. Lung nodules are not uncommon but I was always scared when It was time to go for a scan. They stopped the scans after 5 as the radiation could in itself cause a problem. Having a biopsy is individual to the consultant and mine didn't ask me to have one. No point in asking you not to worry but thought I'd let you know my experience. I still have regular xrays.

    I'll be thinking of you on the 22nd. Take care Suzy.

    Sara xx

    Hi Huggs, hope you are okay. Are all your storms over for the time being? Thanks for letting us know about Suzy. Haven't seen her on the forum since I started posting again and wondered if she left us.

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara,

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience of this problem and I am sure it has given Suzy much encouragement, and has perked up a bit in the past few days. She just wanted today to be over. My apologies for the late response, but haven't been online much myself this week. I think Suzy will post herself, within the next few days depending on how she is feeling.

    Yes Sara, the storms have finally blown over which seemed to go on forever. lol We have had a lot of snowfall in the past 10 days which is unusual for us, as we don't tend to get that much, so I have been loving it!! lol Hope you are doing okay.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Wishing you all the best Suzy,we are all here for you.

  • Hi redted,

    Thanks very much for your kind message and good wishes for Suzy. It is much appreciated.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi Susy, good luck with your biopsy and other tests. You are missed here so we'll look forward to hearing from you as soon as you are up to it.

  • Hi Argana,

    I agree with you that Suzy has been so missed here, and thanks for your kind message of support for Suzy which she is very grateful for.

    As I type to you I remember how you love the snow. I love it too, but usually don't get much here, but in the past 10 days have had loads of it, although it is beginning to thaw now.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Good Luck Susy. Love Mx

  • Hi scorpio,

    Thanks very much for your good wishes for Suzy, which she is very grateful for.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Good luck Suzy,will be thinking of you,wondered where you were hibernating! Thanks to Huggs also,for letting us know xxxx

  • Hi Wen,

    You are welcome, and thanks for your welcome message of support for Suzy for which she is very grateful. My apologies for the late reply, and I think Suzy will post herself within a few days if she is able to.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Wishing Suzy all the very best, and thanks Huggs for the update. Love Kin Xx

  • Hi Kin,

    You are welcome for the update, and thank you on behalf of Suzy for your support which is very much appreciated. Sorry for the lateness of my reply.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Good luck & ....best wishes Suzy ....have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Cheers Huggs for the the update. X

  • Hi budiesmom,

    You are welcome for the update. Thanks so much for your kind message and good wishes for Suzy, for which she is very grateful.

    Thanks also for the cheers which are appreciated, but not necessary.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi there Huggs please say hello to Suzy and hope that the results are good. Keep smiling Fred xxx oh thanks for the Hugs Hugg always good to get a Hug Huggs lol x

  • Hi Fred, LOL

    I will say hello to Suzy for you, but I am sure she will see it herself. I know I mentioned it in the post, but Suzy really wanted you to know how much comfort and encouragement you have given her from your so positive outlook and spirit. She really has been sustained by you, and for myself I have to say I so much admire your positive attitude, although I have not read many of your posts yet due to many reasons, but will correct that as soon as I can.

    I hope you continue to make good progress and that your situation can be kept under control.

    Hugs are good, so sending extra special giant, warm, snuggly hugs your way. :)

    hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

  • There is not a lot to follow as I tend to drop off now and again but will make an effort and stay onboard now as there are such nice people here and I also like all the hugs and my wife said I can have those types of hugs as long as they are long distance ones, she is a spoil sport lol. Bye for now Huggs xxx Hi there Suzy xx

  • HI Fred,

    You take care of yourself firstly and be as well as you can be. You guys like the hugs and why not? Seeing as you like hugs so much I will send you some more, strictly long distance of course!!

    You take good care, and bye for now Fred,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)



  • oh suzy, me wee pal, i thought had posted on this thread, im so , so sorry, i do hope things improve for you and all goes well at the hospital, we are all thinking of you at this time and pray you have a speedy recovery and outcome,

    its good you have family around you, but can imagine the worry, lets hope things resolve themselves asap,, sending my love and kindest thoughts,

    your wee jovial jock,,, jimmy xxxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy,

    Sorry, I just noticed your reply! You have been keeping me on my toes everywhere else, so its really all your own fault. :d lol Only joking, and thanks for supporting Suzy, which I know she appreciates very much.

    Suzy had the procedure done successfully, and was very well looked after during it, and afterwards. She is taking it easy for a bit and is still a bit tender.

    Take care, my cheeky friend,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :) :p xxx

  • hi huggs,

    glad to here things went well with suzy, it must be a worrying time for her and her family. but good to know shes had the procedure done now, and being looked after well, thanks for keeping us updated huggs , yes i,ll keep you on your toes :D [wish i could keep on mines lol :D ]

    ,, hugs to huggs from jimmy xxx :)

    if you see this suzy, were all rooting for you, lets hope we see you back online once you recover slightly,

    kindest thoughts , lots of love and kindness

    jimmy xxx :),

  • Get well soon Suzi. xx

  • Suzy I am new to this site, your story caught my attention, I have travelled the path you seem to be on. I have had Two PET scans and was diagnosed with Lung cancer,I wasn't able to have the operation due to my COPD.

    However I had Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy at Clatterbridge hospital in Liverpool.

    What Im trying to say and being long winded ( lol) Suzy have hope.

    What are the results of your biopsy? I shall remember you in my prayers.


  • HI Sheila,

    Welcome to the forum and hope you find the help you may need or be in a position to help others, and I think you will find we are a friendly bunch who support each other when needed, and get help ourselves when required. Most of us enjoy a good laugh as well, so hope you enjoy your time on the forum.

    I am answering for Suzy just now, but hope she will feel up to posting herself soon.

    I have heard from her this morning and hope she will not mind me clarifying a few things. Firstly, her petscan is clear which is great news, but apparently they are needing more time to work on the biopsy as they are unsure what it is. She has not been diagnosed with lung cancer or any other form of cancer, so what the nodules are, remain a mystery at the moment. The main thing is that the Petscan was clear.

    I know Suzy will appreciate your kind message of support, and I hope you continue to progress well, and get support here if needed. If you have not already done so, then phoning the BLF helpline which is manned by respiratory nurses are a mine of information and helpful tips and advice. The number can be found on the home page near the red balloon.

    Good luck, and take care,

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Thanks for getting in touch for Suzy, I know once I get used to the site I shall be ok.....( trial and error for me )

    I get very despondent when I sit and think too much.... I shouldn't as I am now in remission but being on my own it triggers thoughts..

    I am not going to stay on as I feel a little out of place , coming to terms with things.

    Thank you for being there for me, and hope to talk soon in a better frame of mind. Sheilaxx

  • Hi Sheila,

    As this notification came to me I will answer it, but Suzy is posting now and again, but is going through a bit of a hard time too.

    Sheila, please don't go as you will find this forum a very positive and supportive group of people. If you want to know something, just ask, and there will always be someone around to reply, and if you just want to vent your frustration, loneliness or whatever then that is fine too. There are plenty of people on here who are going through, or been through what you are experiencing, so I am sure they will be able to help you in some way that you need.

    Another great source of support and information is the BLF helpline and the number for that is :

    03000 030 555. This helpline is manned by respiratory nurses who will phone you back and take all the time you need to talk to them about whatever you need to. They are a mine of information and will give you all types of hints and tips, as well as things to ask the doctor.

    As far as navigating the site goes, well that only comes with practice and more practice, but if you need or want to find something in particular then just post a question and someone will help.

    That's fantastic news that you are in remission!! Congratulations on that. That is a huge step in the right direction. I would think it is only natural to get a bit of a reaction after going through everything you have, and I am wondering if a support group near where you live would be of benefit to you. Your GP's surgery, or the BLF helpline will be able to help with that. You can probably get ongoing support from the Marie curie people or the McMillan nurses as well.

    It is so easy when left alone with your own thoughts to let them spiral out of control at times, so if you find yourself like that, why not come on here if you want and just tell us how you are feeling, and if you need further help then the nurses will help you on the number I have given you.

    Take heart Sheila, and one day you could well be helping other people out., so please stick around. You will soon get use to navigating the site, its just trial and error really.

    Wishing you the very best of luck, and keep well,

    hugs from Huggs xxxxx :)

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