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A walk of two halves and pic one 'in the sun' :)

A walk of two halves and pic one 'in the sun'  :)

It started out in bright and quite warm sunshine, well for around 300 meters. I snapped a pic of the river with the sun reflecting off its fast flowing and icy cold surface when there was a change, in a moment it became very dark, the temperature plummeted and the heavens opened. I sheltered against the trunk of a leafless tree from the bitter wind and rain, the car was in sight but to far away to reach before getting soaked so I waited huddled against the tree trunk for 15 minutes or so and then during a mini break in the falling rain I stepped it out back to the shelter of my little clio.

I started the engine and turned on the heater, I was still puffing from the rush back and reflected on how lucky I was not to have been caught out much further from the car, also I decided next time to maybe check the weather forecast and go a little better prepared.

Getting wet and cold is probably not a good idea for us BLF healthunlockeders so take care when your out walking in this very changeable weather.

Tony :)

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I have a fab kazool or however they spell them. That fits in a drawstring pouch about the size of can of beans and the weight of woolen glove. I got an ex large so that it pulls straight over my head then arms and body regardless of thick clothing, by my carer. The waist, neck and hood have draw strings so that even my <9 st body gets a wind cheating seal. It can hang from a belt loop or wheelchair etc. It is an absolutely indispensable piece of kit. I stay dry and it traps lots of air to keep me warm too.

If ppl want me too I will try and find a label.

I have no idea where I bought it. It was an opportunity purchase. I really do recommend that you look out for one.


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Good advice young Tony! Beautiful pic though,as was your other one.Great lighting effects.Do take care though,you don't need any flues etc.Although do admire how you get out & about,not letting 'things' stop you,great courage! Regards to the Bride child,was it this year your daughter was getting married?Or am I getting her mixed up with someone else? My apologies,if that's the case,lol! Hope this year is kind to us all,xxxx


Another great picture, the weather is strange at the moment as you found out! Can change in a moment, I think we are supposed to be having a very cold weekend, stay warm. Xris


Nice pic, tony :)

Y'all probably heard on the news a while back that recent research shows that getting very cold, the bacteria in the nose can be activated by the cold. Maybe someone already posted about that. I was on an NHS picket at our local hospital late autumn, freezing but i was dismissing Rita saying we should go or i'd get ill. Sure enough 3 days later infective exacerbation. So good to keep warm and dry - our mums were right after all.

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Great picture Tony. Austere and beautiful. Must be lovely there in the Spring and summer.

Getting cold or getting wet or both is NOT a good idea Tony. Thank heaven you got out of it okay. Just glad there wasn't any lightening...trunk of a leafless tree...

Yup. Check the weather forecast Tony!!

Sara xx


BRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr but wonderful photo - you take care in this weather.


Lovely photo Tony and glad you made it back to your car eventually. It was lovely here on the South Coast, crisp frost and sunny but it soon descended into dark clouds and wintry rain. Not been out yet but could do with getting some shopping. I think after lunch will do as I cannot see Pete dashing to the garage to get the car out. He doesn't do dashing.

You take care and stay well and warm. xxxx


Hi Tony you watch yourself M8 it's wee things like that might catch you out, What a lovely picture of the river or as we say a wee burn in Scotland.MC


lovely photo thank you xx


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