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Well I Have Worn My Little Lung Diseased Self Out

Well I Have Worn My Little Lung Diseased Self Out

You would not think driving would ware you out ... must be processor and oxygen usage make you so bushed.

This week am feeling pretty Vindicated given effects of Asbestos Fibres on Lung Tissue with regard Autoimmunity Inflammation and your Thyroid in reaction to Chronic Lung Disease / Chronic Bronchial Sepsis / Chronic Lung Sepsis

It's worth a mention I NEVER KNEW you could ride a bike a txt GAWD I was amazed when I seen young lady riding her bike up the busy road txting who ever


Anyway getting back to my post ... as some may know av not been very well of late WHY be my convenient lung disease my lung doc as said is down to pneumonia not the asbestos that caused weakened my immune system via lung inflammation leaving me exposed to alsorts and or including pneumonia.

Chicken or the Egg ... as in what come first the asbestos or pneumonia

Anyway here is breath history of Lung Disease Processes : Asbestosis COPD Pneumonia Sepsis.

As with any disease process there is always catalysts event and for benefit of this post will say ASBESTOS and being exposed to it in working or school environment


It would be nice to think NOT SMOKING would save ya from lung disease but sadly that is not true.

I have suffered from quite a list thus far from COLD INTOLERANCE to periodic leg movements that is down to what I believe to be epersodic thyroid problems as my throat go's tight and given Inflammatory Lung Tissue with Asbestos Fibbers lodged init martial I have been coughing up ....


That as nothing to do with graves diseases or what ever it's called.

Like I have said all along is PEOPLE don't wake up with ASBESTOS related disease most HAVE a hard slog getting there they suffer from convenient later stage plaque usually medical profession can no longer hide THATs only after there heart as nearly killed them.

All will have cellular breakdown thyroid problems whether it's lumps bums or a icy rash like psoriasis eczema on hands foot USALlAY that is good indication of Whitch way your disease is going to go


Yet the medical profession still play DUMB when it comes to DANGERS ASESBETOS effects on lung tissue and quality of your life


Video is great tune none relavant to post

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You put a lot of work into this Daz- hope you are feeling less tired now. Mx

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Hi Scorpiolass cheers a wish a was but sadly am still just as tired ... My lung doc was right about one think and thats having a nap

Dhss or atos are not quite as happy when i take up occupy there desk but that disease for ya :))

Anyway its learning curve for me and something am getting quite good at

Hopes alls well and cheers thanks for reply comment


Hi daz, I find everyday exhausting, my breathings not great at the mo, I've got a flair up of my psoriasis, and dermatitis on my left hand, stye on my eye, and generally feel crap, but hey I could be worse. Take care daz. Xx sonia xx


Hi sonia1972

Gawd its like am looking in a mirror .. thats just how i feel look even my psoriasis cream dont work

But like you cant complain just share log and greatfull am her to ;)

cheers thanks for reply comment

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You put lots of work and thought into your posts Daz and are an inspiration. You keep going and don't let anyone grind you down. Pete is tired all the time and he gets so used to medication, I do wonder if anything works much anymore. We have also talked about his sarcoidosis being work related as he was told it was not caused by smoking. He gave that up over 23 years ago thank goodness.

Onward and upward and hope the texting girl doesn't get knocked off her bike.

Take care. xxxxxx

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Hi Sassy59 sorry to here about peter defo know how he feels ... Send him me regards wishes

Only thing I agree about with my lung doc when he said all lung disease as same conclusion

But like a said to him that's all very well but when it comes down to liability it maters very much

Sorry took tad to reply but thanks for comment support ;)

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I will pass on your good wishes to Pete Daz and thanks for that. You take care and hear from you again soon. xxxx


As my GP has said sometimes the Specialists are now to specialised for their own good! In the old days they would look outside the condition a little too to see if there is anything linked?

It was my Heart consultant that had me tested for Anderson Farby and showed concern into my lung condition and my breathing issues. He also tested me for PH and found I had the condition on my last Failed Ablation. My lung consultant seems to be basing things on Condition A has this affect and I should be able to do this that and the other. He does not look at Condition A plus 57% lung function will make it worse and then states I am exercise intolerant but is surprised that I cannot walk far? He has sent a letter to my heart consultant telling him to change my tablets but has not said to what?

Ever decreasing circles!

Be Well

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Hi Offcutts i have found that two with my lung doc

He as great difficulty thinking out side box .. He accepts i have autoimmunty problems caused by lung inflamation but will not accecpt cause being asbestos

Why given matrial i have been coughing up .. by all accounts is accecpted means of diagnoses when all other methords are to dangerious

If you could not laugh you would cry .. I think given there jobs they just go threw process

I know when i was working you get condition to way of thinking and working and cant see the wood for the trees

So to speak ... Anyway told my lung doc i hope he's right coz a no a hot solicatior


Sorry you are so unwell Daz. That's the way with most of these lung diseases at times. You've just got more than your fair share.

Guess your docs along with most of them are afraid to speak out in case they get sued. Could ruin them I suppose... whistle blowers become pariahs.

Doesn't help the patient much through.

Keep up the good fight Daz.

Sara xx


Hi Butter-fly

Cheers yer I often remind him her of that too but is down side as want do out that might help if he thinks liability is to much

Rock & hard place .... Just got to think positive at least he won't kill me defo a plus plus in this age of NHS shambles

Cheers thanks for comment


hoping you feel less tired now I find my home O2 gives me hyper status and when I was last in Hospital there were 3 of us in with the same thing on 24 hour O2 and sure as God made little green apples we all would wake up at 4:30 in the morning and put our personal tv's on each feeling we could run a marathon.

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Hi Anthony634 I truly wish I fully knew what was going on with my lung's

I have PEF of 400. 500. Which is how they measure asthma when am bad that drops to 350 BUT my FEV is 3.57 that is by all accounts normal

But I have been told I have restrictive and obstructive lung disease and heart speed wobbles Co2 gas exchange problems and chronic inflammation and hyperventilation syndrome

O and on permanate antibiotics ... one doc says my lungs totaly bushed one says ok ... Swings round a outs with em all

But what I do know if I get chest infection the do floor me and I can't even walk or breath

Anyway thanks for comment hope ya feeling better to and cheers thanks for comment ;)


welome D3NIS hope you find relief soon I use an oxyometer to measure my sats these days the peak flow well red zone 2-300, orange (where I live most of the time) 4-500 and on good days but never possible green zone 5-600 my asthma was overtaken by copd


thanks Daz i am so glad that your back.

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Hi Lindiane cheers thanks for warm welcome hope trust you are well to ... Yer is nice to be back

Cheers thanks again :)


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