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Hi all

You may or nor remember my dissertation that I posted last month. Following my rant and rave to everyone in practically every government department that deals with my benefits, my ESA was finally reinstated Friday 2nd January 2015. Why was my welfare benefit sanctioned? Someone who works in the department, was looking at my wage slips, read them wrong and came to the conclusion I was still working.

From a lengthy telephone conversation on 2nd Jan, I pointed out their error and after agreeing that they were wrong, they reinstated me immediately. A few days later, I received confirmation that I was awarded standard living allowance until 2020. Now due to being successful with PIP, it means that I have overpaid HB for one year.

From monies they owe me and before I can be refunded, they have taken 2 months full rent (November and December 2013). I am yet again in dispute with my benefits because through the incompetence of a worker, I am being penalised and are expected to pay full rent when I had no income to pay them in the first place.

I am still going onwards and upwards because, I cannot allow their incompetence and disorganisation to bring me to my hands and knees, crawling to them.

If I am in fact on my hands and knees it is because I am trying to get the shoe that has been knocked too far back under the

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Hi em, took its time but so glad it's sorted for u, and a nice refund off the housing benefit is a bonus. Take care x Sonia xx


Always happy to hear good news, take care, huff xxx


It's a nightmare isn't it but an glad it is being sorted.

This reminds me when I was out of work and claiming JSA years ago and the council told me I must pay full council tax. They insisted even when I told them I hadn't been working for that time! They kept sending me threatening letter and trying to send bailiffs round. Eventually I was told to write in. In the meantime I went to CAB and asked for their advice. The advisor said 'You have got the money just pay it' 'I don't owe it' I exclaimed. 'Just pay it' he said dismissing me.

I then got a call from the relevant council department and the first thing the chap said to me was 'You don't owe anything'. But what a palaver and all the stress and worry they

put me through just coz some idiot had made a mistake on my case months before! It

shouldn't be allowed.

I was just lucky that I owned my home and didn't have housing benefit to deal with as well!



Good news of the day! Good luck xxx


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