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Is anyone else using a nasal spray in addition to an inhaler?

My doctor tells me that I need to use a nasal spray in additional to my inhaler because I may have an allergy as well as COPD.

Initially the cleared my nasal passage and the mucus at the back of my throat but the mucus has returned. The 'over the counter' nasal sprays say that you shouldn't use the spray for more than 7 days because prolonged usage can cause a build up of catarrh. I'm confused now as to whether the recurrence is due to my COPD or using the nasal spray too much.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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I used a nasal spray when I was first diagnosed with Emphysema, but only used for the 10 days that the Doc said, I know the one I used had steroids in. It helped a lot. I think maybe you would be best to discuss the recurrence with your GP, perhaps if you identified the allergy, then you could take steps to avoid the cause of your nasal problems . I personally would never use a product for longer than is recommended. Best of luck sorting things out, and hope your problem gets better soon.

Nin x


Yep. I've used Nasonex for years now. I used to get excruciating headaches with sinus issues. Plus I have polyps (yuk).

The spores from both the sinuses and the gut can escape into the lungs. Another reason why some of us non smokers get lung problems


Yes, I've been taking Flixonase for severe post nasal drip for years. It was totally out of control and was making me cough and throw up all day. It took some getting under control but It's managable now.


Hubby has had a 'tap for a nose' since last March, he has had loads of sprays from the doctor but none were that efficient, eventually a month ago he was seen by a doctor at the hospital and she has given him some tablets to take for a month together with a nasal wash. This nasal wash can be bought over the counter but it is expensive but it does seemed to have helped. The hospital says it is a form of allergy. On the subject of allergies, hubby has always eaten everything and anything (and stayed slim) but about 2 years ago, whenever he was poorly he would have an anaphylactic reaction. As he was getting pretty frequent infections at the time it was dangerous and tiresome, talking to his physio one day (or rather moaning) she wondered if it was a food allergy. Anyway we paid for private testing and it came back that he couldn't have cow's milk or pineapple. We changed those things and apart from one episode (caused by a food from a supermarket) he has been ok. Apologies for the long post.


I have had a nasal spray for many years now and I have found of late I am getting nose bleeds and have reduced its usage now to when I am blocked instead of every day as I used to.

Be well


I have a prescribed spray Flixonase which I used to use only when I was having problems. They do contain steroids.I am currently on Clarithromycin having caught a cold which turned nasty leading to headache ,gum ache ,swollen nose and was bringing up hoorid green mucus about every five minutes. Will take themeveryday from now on. Hope you get sorted Sinusitis is horrid Joyce


Yes I got a "claggy throat" as I call it from using sinus sprays. I now buy Sterimar Nasal spray which is a sea salt solution, which has sorted out my sinus problems with no side effects.


Thanks all of you for your replies it's helped a lot.

I only seemed to get blocked sinuses when I had a cold but apart from that the only other regular sympton I had was a tendancy to have sneezing session most evenings. Don't think these symptons warrant using a daily nasal spray. Think I will have a word with my doctor again.


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