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Hi all. Well saw the doc this morning and he says that front head headaches r often associated with emphysema. Years ago I suffered migraine and they have returned. Brought on by my consumption (fat greedy piggery) of cheese and fresh coffee over Christmas. It was this that caused them 20yrs ago. So I'm on pills for that which should help the headaches full stop. The cheese and coffee are now in the bin. Thanks for listening xxx Anne

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Thanks for letting us know how you got on with your doc. Good to hear you've been given a diagnosis and a relatively easy solution. Pills, no problem - chucking out the cheese and coffee though... I feel your pain!

Hope the treatment does the trick and your headaches disappear. All the best, Jan :-)

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I agree with Jabber no cheese or coffee :( Have you tried to pinch in-between the thumb and finger the webby bit. on both hands at different times it has been known to help headaches and sometimes works for me.

Be Well

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I haven't heard that but I am going to try it. x

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