I sincerely apologise if I have offended anyone with the posts I have put up,Sorry folks.

I now realise that not everyone finds humour in the way I do,I'm certainly not racist or anything else that's not PC.Sometimes I have to make fun at the accidents etc I've had since I've had my Colostomy and Iliostomy operations where my bags have bust,not a nice situation.It was a way for my family and friends to understand what I'd been through and how to expect the unexpected,it was the same when the Chest Consultant told me I had Lung Cancer "which I dont" for 4 weeks I had to put on a brave face to all my children and hide behind my sense of Humour.

With deepest regrets to all and once again sincere apologies

Yours. Stephen.

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  • Respect to you Strummer.

    Everyone deals with troubles in life in different ways and Humour in my book is one of the best.

    Take Care

    Keep Smiling


  • Cheers Justin.

  • It does not bother me....but.... I think they would be better posted in the Humour section instead of spattered everywhere. ;-)

  • Good of you to apologise Strummer. I myself do not read the humour posts so I have no idea what yours contained. Anyway, hope you are doing as well as you can be. Take care. xxx

  • Thanks

  • Thank you Stephen, I did find one in particular of your jokes offensive, but I appreciate your apology and wish you well. Xris

  • Thank you.

  • Non apology needed here, think the jokes are Brilliant, I think it's great to be able to keep up a sense humour in the face of adversity, I'm just sorry some seem to want to be seen as above a good laugh, keep em' coming Strummer !!!


  • Cheers

  • No-one sees themselves "above a good laugh" - people just have different taste in humour. And often what might work face to face (I didn't read the jokes) just doesn't work on a forum which needs to feel friendly to all.

  • Will administration contact DozyDormouse to let her know, so she can come back?

  • I decided i wouldn't read them, but just now looked back to Dozy's post (which i hadn't seen either) and all its replies.

    I agree with cc120 that it would be good if admin contact Dozy so she can return if she wants to.

    Jokes seem to cause more trouble here than anything else. It's a shame as the site means so much to everyone. A little forethought and sensitivity would go a long way when posting jokes.

  • I really feel that we need humour in this forum. Laughter is great for the morale, but taste in humour is as varied as taste in food. I feel humour is like looking at a menu - choose what you want and ignore the rest. This is what I do. I will admit that smut does get very tedious and doesn't raise a laugh because it is so boring!!!!

  • I agree with all you've said pergola. People use the forum for different things, and those who like humour here should be able to have it. And I like the menu analogy :)

  • Thanks for the apology Stephen; it's very big of you.

    Humour is a great way to tackle life's problems & I have sometimes got into trouble myself for being somewhat giggly.

    I did find a couple of your posts offensive, both the subject matter & the swearing But others made me smile. Cheers, margaret

  • Thanks Margaret.

  • Hi Stephen. It is good to see your apology and thanks for that. I know it was not your intention to offend but to amuse.

    I, along with most people on this forum enjoy a good joke. Few of us are, 'above a good laugh' but It's probably best to stick to the unwritten guide lines and then none of us will get offended.

    Take care of yourself.


  • Thankyou for the apology. I react to misfortune with humour myself and bad language has been heard to come from my mouth. Just never written on a public forum. Especially when it is against Hu rules.


  • Hi Strummer thanks for your apology. I did enjoy some of your jokes but several did offend me because of the foul language. I am no prude and do swear on occasion but never on a public site coz I think that is disrespectful to those who hate swearing. There are a lot of different people on here with all sorts of backgrounds so it's always best to think first before posting. You have earned my respect for recognising this and for apologising as it takes a big person to do that.

    I am sure you will in the future but do keep posting good taste jokes as I do like to read them like many of us do. x

  • Thanks.

  • Cheers Stephen, it takes a good man to apologIse. x

  • Thanks

  • HI Stephen,

    I, along with many others as you can see, appreciate your apology so I respect you for that. I know you will have learned from this, and humour is such a large part of this site. I, like you and many others find humour a great coping mechanism, and believe it to be such a tonic.

    You have not been on this forum very long so perhaps have not realise yet, that there are many age ranges, backgrounds and beliefs, and that is why we have to have boundaries of good taste. Using a four lettered offensive word beginning with C is not good taste, and does not belong here, which you have learned. I am no prude and can enjoy slightly naughty jokes which are not offensive. I know you will have realised by now that some of your jokes would have been more appropriate to share with your friends.

    Keep your sense of humour Stephen, as we need that to keep us going, and I realise you had no intention to offend, but to give us a laugh.

    There is a humour section, and again with you being new maybe didn't realise, but you will find it on the right hand side of the page under topics.

    Good luck, keep smiling and keep posting good, clean jokes! :p

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Huggs has said it all for me......we all learn by our mistakes,so no more please.

    But thank you for your apology was most welcome.

  • Nice of you to apologise, although, being broad minded, I only found a couple offensive. One was just the use of a word for ones backside. I myself didn't mind but maybe it was a bit too much for some. On the other hand, the postman joke, in my opinion, wouldn't have been so funny if a certain swear word wasn't used. I suppose it's a learning curve on a forum like this to find a level of humour that most people can enjoy. I, for one, do enjoy humour, as anything to distract me from my illness is most welcome.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks for that Strummer, i did find some of them really funny, and think a sense of humour is important to us all. Wishing you well. Kin Xx

  • If I do not find something funny I do not laugh but humour by it's nature can near the knuckle. Have you seen Jimmy Carr he has even shocked me! And it takes a lot for me to be shocked.

    I am old enough and ugly enough to see it as a joke and treat it as such!

    Be Well

  • Everyone has already said it I think...good on you to apologise Stephen...take care.

  • Yo strummer you've not posted for a couple of days, please don't drop out from the site, took a lot of courage to say what you did, and we need people like you on the site x

  • Not been well all week,thanks for thoughts.Hate being unwell as it floors me really bad and wipes me out.

  • That's a bummer, take good care, have you hit anti biotics etc ? x

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