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Tramadol free day!

I have moved from co-codamol 30/500 max 8 a day, to Tramadol 50mg every 4 hours Which have shown a little improvement to the pain and I am sleeping a little better.

But I have a slightly foggy head than normal and feel more listless. I am told I have a very high pain tolerance and can block pain some of the time when needed. So I thought I would go a waking day with out Tramadol?

Woke at my normal time determined not to take a pill it was not long into the morning my head seemed clearer and the pain was not a lot worse. So thought this is going better than I hoped bring on the day. By mid day both knees were reminding me they are not 100% throat and chest sore as I still have this stupid cough. Couple of hours later my shoulders and neck are sore but under control. I was determined to see this though (to stubborn for my own good) The head was still clearer but a headache peeking though and countering it slightly. I was now at the point I did not want to do an awful lot and seemed to feel very warm. So went down to watch a film on the telly. Could not get comfortable but not uncommon for me under a normal day. My back feet and hands were now starting to hate me. Then the wife came home from work and said have you taken a Tramadol because you look awful. Had my tea a little telly and off to bed with a Tramadol. Woke feeling Like I have ran a marathon?


Tramadol does make my head foggier.

Tramadol does help the pain.

I should not think of doing this again!

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Hi Offcut,

What made you want to go without Tramadol for a day? Was it to see if you can do without it? Or was it to remind yourself that you actually do need it? I hope you are back on the full dose today. I do sympathise as it is hard balancing the medication for restrictive lung disease, pulmonary hypertension and arthritis. I should know. A tablet that will help with one disease can worsen another disease. As long as you are communicating with all your consultants and your GP you should be able to trust the medication they give you. Please don't put yourself through that sort of pain again.

Kind Regards



It was a bit of both really I still have pain when I take it but now realise what it is suppressing above that now. It took me a long fight to get my GP's to acknowledge I had lung problems. Even after my heart consultant sent a letter about his concerns with my breathing! My Lung consultant wants my heart consultant to change me from beta blocker to calcium channel blockers. I have only ever had them once and was taken off them after a short time? I was diagnosed with heart condition in 1992 so I seem to be in conflict with them all now.


Hi offcuts yup that quite a bucket list sorry a cant ad out tangable than to say ya resilience is inspiration to us all

Sorry to hear you having hard time with pain hope things ballance out for ya

O can i ask quickly do you suffer psoriasis or eczema


I am suffering very dry skin at he moment.


Hi Daz, just to poke in, Pete has very dry sore patches on his shin and is due to see a dermatologist on Thursday. Is this common with Tramadol then because he has been on them for years now? Just wondering. Hope you are ok. xxxx

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Hi sassy nor am not to good been shakeing and cant breath nearly ambulance job guna av nap with bit look all be ok when i wake up if not be locam think


Thinking of you Daz and wishing you well. xx


Offcut, Remember that Tramadol are addictive.

I was on them for about 3 years after an accident and subsequent operations, When I decided that`s enough of these things, I had a lot of the symptoms you have spoken about and I too Have a High tolerance to pain and also a resistance to pain killers ( now ).


I also have a very resistance to morphine. When I was admitted with collapsed lung they gave me so many shots but I was still speaking to them as if I had just come in with out any. It got to a point the consultant asked me if he could get some students to ask some questions? I was not going anywhere so nodded, when they all asked a question each the consultant said to them OK how much morphine do you think has been administered to Mr Offcut? They all totally underestimated the dose.


Oh Offcut, lesson learned I think. Pete takes Tramadol but to be honest, he has been on it for so long, I am not sure if it really works now. He is really on maximum pain killers but his back is ignoring all of them! Never mind, onward and upward as they say. You take care now. xxxxx


So Right I now know how upright it is keeping me.


That sounds pretty awful Offcut. I've resisted Tramadol so far and continue to take Co-codamol 500/30. I had a spinal wash and a cortisone epidural into the spine but it made didn't make much difference. I was in misery and couldn't sit, stand or lie down with the painkillers just taking the edge off. When the pain subsided after about a month I was left with a permanent low back pain...then the pins and needles got worse. Think I'd rather have the pain! The I got Gabapentin which helps a lot. 900 pd. Touch wood, I've not been too bad for quite a while. And it takes my mind of my dying lungs!

My heart goes out to you. Just maybe if you persevere the Tramadol will stop having side effects and do the job it's supposed to. The very best of luck anyway Offcut. Hope it works out for you.



Thank you. I also have 3 collapsed vertebra and when they get upset it seems to take you so down with all the surrounding area pulling in all directions.

I just wanted to see how much I was relying on them and it seems more than I thought!

Be Well


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