Pip appointment!

So travelled 40 miles to this place Shameful House I think it was called,lol.There was blue badge parking right outside,so there own head office misinformed me.On arrival the "wheelchair lift " would,nt work.They just want me to jump up and walk up the stairs thought I(that is a fail straight off) so I stayed sat in my chair.Eventually the slimy dude pipes up " oh we can let you in round the back".So off we toddle back out in the cold all the way round the back of the building.Only had to wait an hour past my appointment time as they were "running a bit late" " already waited 8 months so an extra hour,s not much" fumed I.The receptionist was a sweetie even the male nurse who interviewed me was ok.He more or less said that going by the evidence from doctors etc,I'd probably get it.So he asked a few questions he already had the answers to,took about 20 minutes.A complete waste of time and money,at no point was I asked to get out of my wheelchair or do anything.Should find out in 4 to 8 weeks.I,m taking bets on it being nearer the 8 weeks.Oh well a change is as good as a rest ,so they say( grillocks ) so I say.Keep smiling chums! D. :D

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Yeah what a waste of time calling you in. You should get it sounds hopeful. Good luck x

Thanks Cough!

Weren't you the wise one not to get out of the chair ? That's probably a little trap they set for the unprepared people. Sounds like it's in the bag so fingers crossed.

Hi Argana,it,s funny I actually wanted to stretch my legs once in the warm but my little red friend that sits on my left shoulder poked me in the side of the neck and said " Don,t be daft,It,s a ruse" so I stayed right where I was.Slimey faffed about with the lift for 10 minutes but I thought" my name,s Billy not silly" hah hah.Funny it was fixed by the time home time crawled round. :D

Fingers crossed for u farmerD. Xx Sonia xx

Thanks Sonia.D. X

Hope you get it. Let us know. Love to hear when a fellow warrior wins the battle xx Al xx

Cheers Allie,the fight goes on! :D

good luck. Do let us know if you get it

Thanks Stillstanding,will throw a party if I get it without having to appeal,but I will only accept the full shabang non of this lower rate stuff,not after all this faffing about.:D

good for you. Go for the lot. I suppose that I shall have to appeal as I don't use a wheel chair- nobody to push it and heart and lungs too weak to push it myself. Anyway we'll take one step at a time.

Sounds very promising, and good for you not falling into their silly little traps (what idiots!). I do hope everything goes smoothly from here in on for you - please let us know if you get it. Fingers crossed - we're all rooting for you.

Thankyou Dedalus.

Sounds like you should be ok,but what a farce,I think your patience has payed off though!

Do let us know the result,good luck xxx

Yes Wends,I was a good boy and did,nt lose my temper.

Yes sounds as though you will get it, what difficulties we have to go too. X

This is a typical example where beurocracy takes over from common sense!

You are so funny farmer but anyway sounds like you've cracked it and not before time I'd say . You also sound like myself who probably should have applied for PIP ages ago. Saying that I know a few people personally who have disabled badges and/or PIP who should not have them. That's what makes it so hard for the deserving cases. My doc and the district nurse took up my case for me so I was very lucky but I'm sure there are a lot of people who need PIP and have no support and try to struggle on without the help.

You'll get your PIP backdated but not sure how many months so you'll get a lump sum as well. We'll all be in the pub later on and the rounds are on you!

Hi Butterfly,I,m hoping I get the whole 8 months backdated as that would help pay for the bathroom conversion recommended by the occupational health therapist. D. :D

Hurray! You'll be rich! That should cover the bathroom and much more. You might be able to apply for a grant to convert your bathroom. Worth checking out.

Enjoy your new found wealth Farmer.


just read about your bathroom conversion suggestion. I am having mine done at the moment at my expense because I want the convenience of level access etc without it looking like a hospital. My builder has been able to take the vat off because of my Blue Badge and a letter to his accountant briefly describing my disabilities. I didn't know that this was possible but the builder does quite a lot of them. His own wife is disabled. I hope this might help.

Yes thanks Stillstanding,I think it was the CAB chap that told me about the vat thing,just need to try and remember when it comes to paying lol. :D

Cant believe that they dragged you in FarmerD and then the lift wasn't working (trap set) and Mr slimy tells you that their going to make the decision on your medical evidence anyway.

What is that all about, they didn't even need to see you!!!

It seems because they call the shots you have to play their little games to end up getting what you deserve and need, soooo frustrating me thinks.

I guess that my turn to change from DLA and ESA to PIP is coming sometime this year so I'll be watching the for that letter to arrive and with a bit of luck get them to change quickly with my piles of medical evidence.

My lung consultant laughed when I suggested that someone with 30% lung function and on the transplant list might be forced to return to work but I was deadly serious as I've heard of some pretty awful examples.

I'm ready to do battle, when Mr PIP comes calling :)

I hope you get the right decision and quickly FarmerD so good luck.


Hi Tony,they did,nt ask me about my piles(lol). Hope it,s straight forward for you or you miraculously sprout new healthy lungs, D. :D

Good Luck FarmerD after being put through that pointless fiasco know the feeling I had to do a three hour journey just to keep my benefit, when I was already confirmed registered disabled. It's so time and money wasting when we are on a low resources budget according to the politicians. Hope it did not effect your health too much. Fingers crossed for you

Thanks Katie.

Why are medical assessments always on an upper floor? The lift full of boxes or broken seems to be happening a lot? Appointments running overtime is standard they said to me the same and stated I sat in the chair for X so I would be fit for a desk job! Sitting is a less painful option and had no alternative? I could lift my arms up "So I could lift empty boxes" the fact I can lift my arms up does not mean it is not impacting on my health. Because of paralysed diaphragm and PH etc. lifting your arms up is not good for the conditions?

I hope it is all sorted within 8 weeks but I would think it will be nearer 16 weeks! Here's hoping it all goes your way quickly and smoothly.

Be Well

Hi Offcut,I don,t regard these assessments as medical more just an attempt to either dissuade us or catch us out.Some of the dirty trick they,ve got up to are despicable.I regards those that try and cheat the system in the same light as those who dodge paying their due taxes,all of them should be jailed and not in places that have TVs and Internet and food better than hospitals,all of which WE pay for.But wasting money on assessments that should be decided by the doctors evidence is plain stupid.This government are as happy to waste our money as they are to give it to their rich buddies,makes me vomit! :x Rant over,take care! D. :d

The £200million plus that was paid to the assessment company should of gone to the NHS for them to do it as a lot of them would not even need to see you most ofthe time as they would have the notes?

I know I,m cynical but I suspect a few backhanders changed hands!

I went to a ESA appt with my son, having informed them that I was in a wheelchair, and was not permitted to go into the appt with him because I couldn't climb down stairs if there were a fire. A medical appt that people in wheelchairs can't access!!!!!

I would have lost my temper there for sure Solo! D. :x

Hi Farmer D sounds like it went well at least you didn't punch them and got a lift home with the police and I wouldn't blame you if you did.

As you know I have been looking in to this subject for some time now and if you go on the DWP web site and put in COPD it clearly states if awarded to be given indefinably yet many people are being awarded for only 2 years so this is another thing I will be looking in to I don't think anyone of us is going to sprout a new pair of lungs.

Good luck and I hope you get it

I,d like half an hour in a room with Iain Duncan Smith,it would,nt change him but it would make me feel a whole lot better!How does he sleep?

God knows how any of them sleep I was talking to someone who works for DWP they said before the system was changed and the old system was in use DWP would make a decision on information from the claimants GP.

The older system was much better the only problem was the 1% of claims were claiming and should not so Atos the IT company with no medical knowledge was given a long contract were give a free hand to do what they want and they have done just that thanks to Brown and Blair and this has cost the tax payer a fortune and genuine people suffering Carmon is no better he has continued with this company the only decent thing is he has let Atos go and brought in Capita lets both hope this system is changed for the better who ever gets in this year.

Hi ona mission when you are looking into things can you add Bronchiectasis to your COPD investigations. You probably know that even though bronchiectasis is an obstructive disease along with all its other problems, owing to the crafty plan worked out when COPD received its support and pathways etc, we were thrown on to the dung heap. I have just been assessed for my PIP. The assessor came to my house and was surprised that even though I had supplied piles of medical evidence and doctors' letters the powers that be had decided I should be assessed. She said quite frankly they would not know what bronchiectasis is. The same thing happened whenI was forced to go for assessment for my Blue Badge after 16 years. The assessor got me my badge issued in two days and was shocked that they had sent me. We are all suffering from the same government ignorance and determination to withdraw or refuse help to those who need it by. degrees. I think that all of us with lung diseases should be sticking together to fight it when it is obvious that the government are attempting to divide us by classifying us as seperate conditions, favouring some and discriminating against others.

Hi Stillstanding63 I worked for the NHS for many years I did 16 years of solid nights working 4 x 12 hour night shift for the NHS and between 2 and 3 x10 hour night shift in a nursing home.

It was when I came to claim sick benefit and I was told I was fit for work at this point I was stage 3 COPD and I had lower back problems which I went in to hospital every 3 months for pain killing injection and still doing so.

I started to look in to why and who changed these benefit rules and the more I read the more infuriated I got. Gordon Brown took on this company who have treated us like dirt and Camron continued with it.

We should stand together the people who asses us have no medical training and the Doctors who carry out the medicals for Atos the IT company are put under pressure to fail everyone. This has cost the tax payer a fortune because of the rise in appeals the courts are full to over flowing and what's more discussing is the length of time you have to wait and the tricks this IT company have used one I found was they said they sent a letter to me I didn't receive so they closed my case and when asked what the letter said they could not find it on file.

I would like to see every person who has a long term medical condition like us be automatically awarded benefit like it says on the DWP web site if I hear anything or see anything that might be of interest I will post it I will also find that web site that help people like us and send you the link

Hi Farmer

I also applied for PIP back in May '14. I managed to get a home visit and somebody came to see me on December 3rd. I am on oxygen , 15 hours min (1/2) litre. I can barely walk much anymore, except around the house. If I go shopping I get a mobility scooter and I have a blue badge. Anyway, the interview lasted about 20 mins & I did comment about being asked the same questions. She said that circumstances sometimes change. Fair enough. Anyway a couple of weeks later I received a letter informing me that I have been awarded middle rate care and mobility- £76 weekly. So I was quite pleased. You were so right not to move out of the wheelchair as they would have failed you right then and there. Sounds like you have a good chance of being awarded PIP. Good luck.

All the very best


Thanks Malinka! D. :D

I found out in the second week :)

Hi Bryju,unfortunately my luck does,nt seem to work that way,fingers crossed though.Hope you got what you hoped for. D. :D

Fingers crossed Farmer, Do hope your application will be successful. Was it really called Shameful House. Or is that your sense of humour shining thru, Best wishes Bulpit

Let,s call it "poetic licence " :D

FarmerD Well done! At least, you stuck to your "gun".

I remember an interview with the same office but several years ago, when I was examined by the official doctor. He told me that there was nothing I could do to improve, so the case was also approved in 20 minutes.

Mind you, I think they might pay for all these months you've been waiting for. I hope so anyway - sort of "refund" for your trouble. Well done to go to this trouble.Mic

Good luck hope you get it. Don't the government waste there money on things. At least you didn't get out of your chair good luck x

Did,nt get out of my chair but I,m more proud of the fact I did,nt lose my temper even when they pulled that stunt!Thanks Michelle.D.

Good on you. They know what they are doing they aren't stupid. You deserve to get your pip money. They tried it with me say they had sent appointment when they never did. I rang them and said the next appointment I want a home one. Then suddenly 2 weeks later I had a letter saying they are sorry that my claim is taking longer. Then 3 weeks after I got my award. I believe they do that hopping people won't bother chasing it.

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