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I'm Giving Up Writing About It...

I'm going to stop writing about the first cottage...it's far too depressing... sold it within six weeks of it going on the market for just over twice what we originally paid...Luke and Cindy found a little cottage in leaky Leitrim and were married soon after. They went on to have two beautiful girls. Now they live in Northern Sweden, right up by the Artic circle in a gorgeous wooden house with a veranda all the way round...

We found this cottage, where the neighbours are kindly and friendly and don't interfere in each others lives...

Jessie and Baldrick are long gone...as are the cats. They are all buried near the river which runs through the bottom of the garden...

The first cottage exchanged hands many times after we sold...

Andy retired from building work after he injured his back...now he concentrates on his small farm.

No idea what happened to Joe, Michael or the Black...

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Hi Vashti I have been following your articles. Sorry there were no comments from me my phone has been playing up.

Thank you for sharing I hope it has brought back some happy memories s well as the difficult times. I think you are a very special person with a great capacity for sharing and a way of writing that brings the reader on the journey with you. Thank you. I'm sad the articles must come to an end but understand some of the experiences must have been very difficult to recall. Hugs and best wishes

Fair enough vashti, understood. xx

Thank you for what we have enjoyed, completely understand what you are saying, sometimes to much recall uncovers painful times.

I agree, it was getting a bit depressing, especially the encounter with the people who came to buy the ducks. I think I remember that story being covered in the media or maybe I'm mixing it up with a more recent one where the mother was sent to prison. I'm glad you got out of that cottage, life there sounded way, way too hard.

This was about twenty years ago I suppose...they both went to prison though it wasn't anything like long enough...it was in the Mirror and the Mail as well I think...the neighbours loathed them...rightly enough...especially when they came out to a brand new bungalow.

Thank you so much for all your articles. I can really understand how recalling these events made you depressed. However, I just want you to realise how inspirational they have been. Whenever I think of my own problems, your own story puts it all into perspective. I hope that at some time you feel,able to start writing again - I really would miss you. Jan

Morning Vashti, Thought your wonderful posts were recent happenings, how wonderful to have such recall of past events. Your life is so full (or has been). Imagine all those people you mention must think of you and himself with such fondness, Well maybe not the removal men, So very interesting all your stories, I bet everyone on this site looks forward to seeing that you have posted. I certainly do, Regard to you both Bulpit

Thankyou Vashti,for sharing those memories with us,I felt enthralled reading it all!

I can understand though,how you must feel emotionally washed out now,& indeed deserve a rest from it!

Maybe when the batteries are recharged one day............!!

Take care of yourself,

Wens xxxx

I have been following your stories with delight and joy vashti. I have followed you every inch of the way and feel like I know these people thanks to your wonderful gift of bringing them to life. I remain enthralled by them and will never ever forget them.

I attend a writers group and I sang your praises to them as an example of how to bring characters and events to life. I understand what you are saying but when your batteries are recharged please do some more. You are a great writer and I salute you. Love and hugs xx

Yes enough of looking back Vashti, a little is good for the soul but you have led such a turbulent life there must have been quite a bit of heartbreak along the way.

Leave it by the roadside and keep your spirits up looking forward to whatever lies ahead.

luv & hugs

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