Paddy weighs 20st,so the doctor puts him on a diet.

" I want you 2 eat regularly for 2 days" says the doc," the skip a day,the eat for 2 day, skip a day,eat for 2 days and so on for 2wks,you should lose 5lbs."

When Paddy returns he's gobsmacked to see he's lost 4st.

"That's amazing" says the doc.

Paddy nods and says,I'll tell you be Jesus,taut I was going to drop dead after the da 3rd day."

"What? from hunger? Asks the doc.

"No..." Paddy said, " from all dat skipping!"

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  • Where do you get all these jokes from Strummer?

  • The Internet,copied and kept quite a few.

  • That's a good en strummer, on sky arts 1 there's a programme on Jimmy Hendrix, it's very good. Great picture is the the lady in the photo your love ? x x

  • My lovely wife of 23yrs

  • Morning Strummer, My you both look great,what a lovely picture, Loved the "losing weight " joke, Regards,Bulpit

  • Thanks Bulpit.

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