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PIP award after 9 months of waiting for a decision. And a letter in December saying I didn't turn up for accesment. Then 3 weeks later having a letter saying they are sorry that it is taking longer. I've now been awarded high rate motablity and standard rate care. So after all I didn't have to go to be accessment as I had sent all my consultant letter along with my form.

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Hi Michelle,was it ATOS?I have my assessment this afternoon,if my wife can push me all the way from the "near by long stay car park".Is that what you hoped you,d get? Regards D.

In the end I didn't need the accessment. As they said I had given them all my consultant letters. It was all I was expecting so I was very happy. Hope all goes well with yours this afternoon

Well Done

Hi Michelle12120 I'm pleased you have been awarded Pip but what a performance I understand they are being fazed out and Capita will do the assessments, why they messed with something that was not broke is beyond me.

How long have they awarded you for most people is 2 years then we have to go through it all again

They have have me the award till 2018 hopefully by then I would of had my lung transplant fingers crossed. They have back paid it from April 2013. I still beyond me why they changed it all.

As I understand it when this was changed only 1% of benefit claim were fraudulent so they thought by changing the rules and giving a I T company the free will to treat us as they want they would save money.

Atos was given a long contract and if the truth be known the atos contract has cost the tax payer a fortune.

I would like it to go back to the old way where as I understand the DWP and Doctors would make the decision.

It also clearly states on the DWP web site if you put in COPD '' if awarded should be awarded indefinitely '' yet many people who are awarded are being re- assessed in two years.


pip is not awarded indefinitely as that link is for copd and I never got it under dla either and ive had it for 3 years my emphysema but I did get pip just in December high rate care and low mobility which is good but only for 3 years also !

I did get low rate mobility under dla but no award under the indefinitely as it didn't mean a thing !

well after a long hard fight the letter came this morning...

i didn't have to endure a medical or home visit after i got a letter from doctor to confirm wot they already know and have done for years lol...

moderately server copd/emphysema with depression and the lovely panic attacks that come as standard with anxiety....

so the 3 year award is enhanced care & again standard mobility which i had under the old dla system.

so a wee upgrade to enhanced care is brill plus the standard mobility is great as i will get bus pass again without going down the mental health route ie depression.

i hope everyone is as lucky with there pip as i have been.

i was on low rate mobility under dla so im not sure i will get anything back dated from may 2014 & my old dla was up in oct 2014 but they paid that out till the award of pip so not sure although i believe my esa will go up so need to wait & see.

**letter came in Dec and my pip started Jan this year !**

Michelle, just saw your stunning news from Mandy!

Congratulations, this is wonderful. I, and thousands of others, wish you and yours a wonderful new adventure in life. You all so deserve it. P xxxx

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