Shocking NHS CCG Withdraw Cancer Drugs Treatment

Shocking NHS CCG Withdraw Cancer Drugs Treatment

45 Popular Cancer treatmeant drugs are no longer going to offerd or funded by NHS.

And whats said NOTHING little paragrath in side of news paper.

A know my life countes for something and countless millions that this is going to affect

Make's you think what other treatmeants are being withdrawn by the back door that affects us all

Is true no one say's out it defo gets worse ... just go's to show how little are lifes mean to them

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  • It just makes no sense at all and people will die needlessly. How very sad indeed. All about the money. xxxx

  • Hi sassy59 could not agree more is truly shocking

  • One step forward, two bckward....

  • Hi Butter-Fly your not wrong there defo back water of west

  • I take cancer prevention drug tamoxifen. I was told last year that they are extending its use from 5 to 10 years. So I hope thats not on the list.


  • Hi I_am_iamnins_nin is disgrace a remember Tory pledge about drugs labour councils was rationing post code lottery

    Tories said we will make sure no one suffers when there are drugs available and no more post code lottery

  • I agree with you, I worry about my own treatment (Cancer Drugs ) because they are so so expensive. I previously had to fight to keep my drugs when they was first licensedin this country.

    The problem was that I lived in a different area to where I chose to go to for my treatment .So they decided "the hospital trust' to try and send me back to the hospital I had left 2yrs ago because they were not looking after me properly, plus this hospital was not using this drug at the time. But I knew my rights from the patient charter, that being The money follows the Patient.

    So I called in my MP, who took up the fight with the Trust on my behalf and we one, I'm still at that hospital ,still on my drugs and by God I will give them one hell of another fight if they try to do that to me again. I would hope Cancer UK and the other Cancer Charities would kick off to stop this from happening, as they are sponsered by people who trust these charities, usually having a personal interest in a specific charity

    I Recommend to all Cancer Patients including those living with life limiting illnesses to read 'The Patient Charter' keep it for reference. This is a government document and is enshrined in law, to cover all the rights of patients in relation to their care and treatment

    By the NHS

    I requested my copy of this charter from PALS who are a body of people, volunteers, who are situated in most teaching hospitals, who are there to both represent and speak up for patients at all levels within the trust, if a patient has cause to complain , or have any queires or difficulties with their local hospital.

  • but what about the money that comes from charities to support cancer research then do we stop giving now peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer

  • Thank you Junecov for the info, I have just been advised that if a drug withdrawal affects you contact your local CCG in England to question the move, and been reminded of Principle 7, the NHS is accountable to the public, communities and patients it serves. Also cost should not be a swaying element in denying drugs. I agree with D3NIS that the article informing people is very small for such a massive impact decision, but then again many CCG decisions don't seem to reach the public that they concern. Some people don't even know what CCGs are or that they exist.

  • Got to fight for everyone's right to NHS drugs this disgraceful for cancer patients and who know who next? us an our inhalers etc will probably be next if this rabble get in again

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