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As Any BLF Member Noticed Befoure They Developed Lung Diease A Inflamed Thyroid

As Any BLF Member Noticed Befoure They Developed    Lung Diease A Inflamed Thyroid

I was thinking back to when i first got sick lung diease.

I had forgot about about my throat with everything else that was going on at that time.

Like befoure i got sick i was tierd sleepy all the time passing out but what i did notice was my throut where my thyroid is was all bumpy inflamed I thought o gawd av got throut cancer.

But then i took turn for the worse YUP i could not breath i was hyperventalation dizzy all the time sleeping 24 /7 passing out heart was doing alsorts and what did my x gp say its anxiety yet when my arms was going numb he said its traped nerve and my acid refux was just acid indegestion.

Like really and in both arms trapped nerve .. I could not even lift arms to shave let alone grip out

Things continued till i got septic rash on shoulder aka pink eye and pneumonia

Am just interested to know if any other lung disease BLF members suffers noticed out befoure they got ill

With regard a inflamed thyroid gland in there throut

And if indeed such inflamed bumpy thyroid gland could and is precursor or warning for inflammatory or any other lung disease

Cheers thanks

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No, I didn't have inflamed thyroid, but, from the age of 42, I did have lots of throat and chest infections, I had pleurisy twice, then got pneumonia and pleurisy, followed by a few more throat and chest infections. I was 50 before doctor said has anyone mentioned Copd to you, and sent me for x-ray and to see specialist, who confirmed emphysema stage 3. That was 22 months ago now. Still stage 3, but get fewer chest infection now I am on proper meds.


I have had chest problems for as long as I can remember so does not seem to be an issue with me. Any gland imbalance will and does affect other organs and glands. it is a little bit of which comes first chicken or the egg. I have heart and lungs problems and at the moment, got both my specialists saying the other is the main problem but neither have offered a fix?

Be Well

I had mine other way round. Had COPD for about 10yrs before I had thyroid problems. Took ages to diagnose. Breathing became worse .its taken 7 yrs for it to settle.

I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid before the COPD but now realise I had that COPD much longer too.

My symptoms were much the same as yours, luckily because I'd lost 5 stone in weight when I finally went to the doctors he tested me for thyroid straight away and it was deactivated quickly. My breathing didn't improve at all.


I believe under active thyroid can make you more prone to infections Daz. I don't know the ins and outs of why. Like does it affect your immune system so you can't deal with infections as they come along? Would be interested to mow as both my sisters have an under active thyroid.

I have an underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) & take Thyroxitin daily. This was diagnosed a couple of years after copd but I did experience weight gain & increased fatigue, plus I have very mild diabetes which my Dr said was linked to the Thyroid problem. I had loads of infection post 2013 operation but this last 6 months - good. Best Wishes, Mx

I had bad asthma since 5yrs old but was controlled with steroids inhalers etc when i was about 53 i started getting more and more chest infections ,peak flow dropped and was finding it hard to even walk very slowley anywhere.Dr still kept saying was asthma and giving me more and more pills etc. i was still working fulltime but was struggling big time. i kept saying it doesnt feel like asthma and asked to be referred to a consultant. Eventually i got seen by which time i was really ill,choking having to sleep on 6 pillows peak flow was now about 110 on a good day ,i was on 40mg steroids continually and high strength amoxiclav for 3months but was still bringing up infected mucus(sorry) was put on mucodyne 4tomes daily and Gp had said i had COPD. I saw a brilliant consultant who did all the normal tests and said he thought i had some sort of blockage near my throat, i was sent for xrays and a ct of chest and Thyroid and spyrometry. The results came back that i had a large goitre that was substernal( was growing down behind my sternum and resting on my heart ,but had also grown inwards and was actually squashing my windpipe( i was actually breathing through something the size of a flattened drinking straw) hence the cause of my problems as the infections couldnt clear through this tiny space and i couldnt breath. I was then referred to a maxiofacial surgeon( i paid privatly but was transferred and operated on in NHS hospital. However this was in October13 and because they thought they would have to open my chest/back up as well as remove the enlarged thyroid i had to wait until a thoracic surgeon/and throat surgeon were available to operate at the same time. They wouldnt do in private hospital because of risks and the fact i would need at the very least high dependency care post op. The op ws cancelled twice due to staff shortages and i was rushed a few times into hospital because my breathing stopped etc but was finally operated on on 27th Jan 14. The op took 4 hrs and they took out a thyroid goitre that wieghed more than a bag of sugar and about the same size,i had a 6inch scar across my throat and drain etc ,was in ICU for 2 days ,High dependency for a day then anormal ward for a day then i came home. The effects were immediete my peak flow tripled over night and although i am still asthmatic i havent had a chest infection in nearly ayear(my fingers are crossed). i was off work for 3months as ive had problems getting the thyroxene dosage right ,plus i have had to have vit d injections and 2 ferritin infusions but i have very little scar left and im alive. Unfortunatly during the op one of my vocal cords was paralised and i sound a bit like barry white at times but at least i have a voice now and am having vocal lessons. Prior to all this i had normal thyroid results and rarely had sore throats ,just loads and loads of chest infections. Please if this is you demand to have a CT scan of your thyroid and it doesnt always show up on the normal chest xray- just because we have chest problems we should not be labled ,a DR should trust us to know when asthma etc isnt asthma and refer us on sooner. Sorry about the long story but if it helps just one person it would make me so happy as i suffered needlessly for nearly 2yrs and nearly died. Take care

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