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Eating makes me feel nauseous.

The trimmings are long gone, outside the sky is grey and gloomy except for a hint of blue creeping in from the north west. Bit like me I guess, but with grey taking the place of friendly blue.

For some weeks now I have been having problems with eating.

I want to eat but find that even thinking of food creates an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach and a strong urge to be sick.

I have tried eating little and often also those Complan type of drinks and meals even though they are absolutely disgusting.

Being father to six girls I was unfortunate to become familiar with Anorexia and now beginning to understand that the brain would allow you stand in front of a mirror and see an overweight person instead of skin and bones, now I was learning how the human brain really worked and I can't control its actions on my own body.

Perhaps my problem will go away, I know I have to do something, it's breaking my wife's heart thinking that she is losing me.

Lost a stone or so in weight but more than happy with that after original gains.

How do I learn to eat under these circumstance and at the same time just take sufficient nourishment to maintain a healthy body?

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Have you spoken to your gp? I complained to mine about feeling sick and having sudden bouts of violent sickness. I had test for gall stones (negative) then she put me on Omeprazole capsules. Had couple of times feeling sick but no throwing up since taking. She now wondering if I am developing an ulcer caused by amount of meds including steroids I take.

Might be worth speaking to your gp?

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I had a very similar experience last year. I still get occasional days like it. I just couldn't even face looking at food in front of me. Other people seemed to be eating mountains of food. I just wouldn't watch them eat it. I was lucky to get half a slice of toast down me. Just to settle the stomach acids.

My lack of eating was mentioned to my GP and I was prescribed a milkshake. Dozen flavours to choose between. Unlike Complan and similar, this one really tasted just like milkshake. I will type the name at the end.

The Doc said that it was a lot more expensive but I was to try and drink 2 per day. Gradually with this and a change in my meds I was able to improve. I am told that I am still far to under weight and it is still a fight to try to eat a small amount of anything. I am up to about 600 grams of solids per day on good days and 450 grams on others.

The stuff is called Ensure. It is available free on prescription if you need it.

Regards Rib


Hi eightyplus, I really do know what your going through. It happened to me last year, I felt sick just thinking about food. I lost nearly 2 stone. It was a vicious circle, knowing I had to eat, but, nauseous when I tried to eat. Mine was caused by anxiety following the death of my life long partner and emphysema diagnosis within a month. I was put on a new anti deppressant because the one I had been on for years had stopped working.

I hit Holland and Barrett and got CoQ10, Multivitimins and vitimin B complex. Every morning, I forced myself to eat a bowl of microwaveable porridge. I also ate things like custard and rice pudding. Anything that didn't need chewing.

It took a few weeks but, slowly, my appetite came back.

As Ribs' suggested, your docter is the first port of call, because the drink sounds a brilliant idea to build you up while you kickstart your appetite.

I'd also ask him if he thinks anxiety or depression could be the cause of it ( Which I suspect.) because, if it is, he can give you something that will definately help you feel better in yourself.

Winter is a terrible time for lots of people's mental health. It slowly creeps up on you without you realising it's even there. Your docter can help you nip it the bud.

Please keep us informed how you get on eightyplus, we can't have you wasting away, we need you and your wonderful way with words on here. xxxx Angie

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Great advice eighty plus and I do hope you can get back on track with your eating and be well. Take care xxx


Eightyplus, I would definetely talk to your Dr as others have suggested. Love Mx


I am going through this at the moment. But mine is due to after effects of a tummy bug.

As soon as I look at or try to eat and I feel sick. Yet I do feel hungry at times.

The D&V stopped 3 days ago.

Am drinking.... Ginger beer. Soda water. and reduced tea quantities.

Clear veg soup and bread & butter seem to be my main stay.

I lost some weight. Only a few pounds But needed to.!

Hope you find an answer soon.


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