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Now other people will know!

Many years ago I had a Gold Plectrum on a neck chain that showed I had a heart condition and was on Warfarin. Just in case I was involved in an accident or collapsed etc. However when I lost my job as my health was impacting on work and vice versa. Problems with the DWP and Tax man and council all after I had no income. Things got a little desperate to say the least. Gold was showing good prices so had to go.

Things are now a little better sold the house and moved to a lot smaller house but no mortgage so at least we will have a roof over our heads.

I have a emergency container with all my information in the house that the Lions supply with a sticker to make the emergency services aware if they have to go to the house. My car has a tax disk emergency information so got the car covered courtesy Malvern Police.

I only go out alone if I have the car but do not have me covered so we decided to get a medi-bracelet!

Well, where do you start there are rubber bands with one condition on? Which is great if you have one or two conditions? There are the USB memory versions but I wreck electric gizmos? The locket ones that means you have to employ a person that can write the works of Shakespeare on a grain of rice as the space to put them on is so small?

With it being a WE decision design was a factor according to my wife? So trawling though a 101 sites WE decided on a titanium bracelet that was pleasant to look at and functional. Then it came down to what to put on it. I have 3 lines on the front and 3 lines on the back which will be lasered on. With different lung and heart conditions and an Iodine allergy plus some ancillary ailments which one do I put on as a priority as my name will take one line? List ready go to the order and type in the ailments but then find there is a limit on the amount of letters I can have! do I put PH on the front and hope they know what I mean or put Pulmonary Hypertension on the back? The front has the medi alert symbol so reducing the letter space available. After a bit of faffing about on what might be the best alerts all done and order placed. Well 5 days and it arrived with all the right things in the right place and now I am covered as well!

Or am I? ;)

Be Well

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Sounds like human atomany tattoo might been better lol

But yer seen same things my self a think card in wallet is better as they always seem to go for id

Or you could use one them label maker's and put on back of ya phone


I am not allowed tattoo's but at least I would know I would not lose it then ;) or even an ID chip my dog had?


Ha lol thats cheered me up that as .. Love dog ID chip

Talking of dogs yer i found out a suffer one leg shorter then other wondered why i walk like a penguin .. anyway a said ya peeping my head foot people was so a said why cant my other leg be longer

Anyway they explained it dont work like that and pointed to my valgus foot

But yer can see day when all be done by chips barcodes

Anyway always nice chating look after ya self


The chip would be great, then they can just scan us to see what ailments, allergies and preferences we like, sounds so simple. :) xx Sonia xx


Hi I have a container from the lions , when my kitchen was on fire 15 firemen and 3 paramedics never found it even though I have a notice on the door saying I have one !!

I now have a sos bracelet I wear all the time

Take care

Dorothy xx


me to now so belt and braces ;)


Did you keep it in the fridge Dorothy? In our area they recommend that is where to keep it.


Yes it was in the fridge And I understand all emergency services Are told too look there



Simply beggers belief doesn't it. 18 people and not a complete brain.


I wear a medic alert bracelet and have card in purse. Bracelet was not cheap but I wear it all the time so wanted something attractive to wear. Wouldn't be without it now.


Decisions, decisions Offcut but it sounds as if it has all worked out well for you. You stay well too and don't lose the bracelet. Take care xxx :)


Does the previous ID mean that you too are a guitarist Offcut?


Funny enough no! I just thought it was a good size to have my bits of info etched on and it looked good. :0


If you have a modern type smart phone, down load an ICE app. In Case Of Emergency. If you are taken ill in the streets, those great paramedics always look for some form of ID so they know who they are dealing with. Now they also look for mobile phones and in particular the app. On the app, you can list your conditions, doctors, medications, allergies etc...even your photo so they know it is you they are dealing with and not some low life who have nicked your phone. You can also list emergency contact numbers, next of kin etc. I know a lot of folk keep their phones locked and so they can't get t this info straightaway but the app also uts your chosen first contact number onto your front screen so as soon as the phone is woken, the ICE number appears. If your chosen contact has the unlock code for your phone or the other info about you, you are now an your way to treatment. You can also get a app for most medical conditions....very useful if you monitor yourself and record the info


I love tech and gadgets but I am worlds worse person with mobile phones. I use mine so little it is either in the wrong coat pocket or lost at the last place I put it or flat battery.

I agree it would be a good idea so once I charge it after finding where I put it I will have a look at that. ;)

Be well


I with you on this modern technology stuff. I had to give up playing one armed bandits when they took the lever off the side and TV remotes...nightmare. I have a lethal weapon for technology and me..my 7 year old granddaughter. I just say "Sort it, please" and she says ok pops but don't try and give me any of those revolting Werthers Original sweets. I get updatd and sorted and get to keep my sweets....life is good.

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We treated ourselves to a visit to a casino last year. We went with a limit which was not a life changer but was a bit of fun. Well I had a lot of fun and won a little over my limit cashed my chips in and went by the mass of bandits with lights and buttons every were. Wife and I thought we give it a go. On the second spin it told us to push some different buttons and it seemed to be doing this for ages we thought we had broke it. We had not a clue what was going on. The person in the next seat said "well done if you want to cash in press this button!" so we did and a till receipt came out and we found we had won £115? And neither of us knew how?


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