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Out Spending Money...Again

I've been saving up for a tumble dryer...much to Himself's disgust because he's thinking of the leccky bill...

The problem is not so much damp clothes and stuff it's more dog hairs 'cos Eilis sleeps with me on the settee and sheds copious amounts of short dark hair that seems to be impossible to get rid of.

I had a look on the internet for bright ideas and the only one which everyone agreed with was a tumble dryer...with one of those stinky sheets and/or a tennis ball. Duct tape was a favourite for long dog hair...I tried that and it didn't work.

So I persuaded Himself to come with me to the electrical store in town...there isn't a huge choice 'cos it's only a little shop but I found one that'd suit and Gerry, the shop owner, brought it out at lunchtime. He'd knocked twenty euro off because it had a little mark on the door...

Where to put it though...the kitchen is tiny...the back lobby too wet...the garden room leaks like a it had to go into the kitchen even though the only place was in front of the hot-press which I refuse to use 'cos of the mutant spiders that live in there.

But we had to move the 'fridge first...and the mouses have been having wild parties behind it...chewing the insulation out of the wall, running about on the cables and leaving horrible greasy stains...I'll not mention the droppings.

When I say 'we' I don't mean me...I mean Himself under my supervision...bit like the way the Queen of England says 'we' when she doesn't mean herself...

With 'fridge moved...tumble dryer installed...'fridge back in place...I put two pink blankets in to try it out. Well...the noise is horrendous...can't hear yourself think. But when I pulled the fluff collector out...oh joy and happiness! it was totally stuffed with hair...mind you there is still some left on the blankets so I might have to get a packet of those stinky things to sort of finish them off...

It has a condenser unit so doesn't need one of those wobbly tubes hanging out of an open window...

Roll on fine windy days when everything can go outside on the line...

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I love my tumble dryer this weather,I even put the dogs towels in it to get warm when they have been out and got wet. But also love to see washing blowing on the line.


Tumble dryer's my favourite must have!! Xx


I thought I had cured the dog hair problem by getting a standard poodle. But when My Mother in Law who was living with us and adored Harry passed, he got alopecia because of the stress of her going. You could try vacuuming the dog it worked with ours and he loved it!

BE well


Now that you have your tumble drier, the money you were saving to buy it will have to be allocated to the electric bill...but there may till be a way out when peace and tranquillity returns to your home and the tumble rumble drier can be used in emergencies only....this is just a suggestion. Pamper you pet...Elli. Find a good doggy groomer that will come to your house and brush, comb and trim nails etc once a week or so. I am not a pet owner but I know from friends that it is important to have it done in your home. Elli sheds so much because of the temperature in your home and because that is the way she was designed....I am assuming that Elli is female and not transgendered or any of the modern type things, so it is important most of the grooming is done there when she is at her living temperature. With Elli washed, nicely groomed and smelling sweet, she will not cause the problems you re having. Now, here is the bad bit. If you cannot find a mobile groomer, take her to a groomers pace of business BUT take along an interested friend or relative. Let them watch what happen and then give them a few pence once a week to pamper pooch. Just a suggestion.


Hi Vashti,

I have 3 cats who shed on everything they touch. I've tried every kind of gadget there is to get the fur off the furniture, from vacuum attachments to a spikey thing bought off the internet, to sticky tape things. But end of last year, I came across a roller that really works! I believe it's one of those JML products and I actually bought it in my local Homebase store. It is a "sticky" roller, but you can WASH it! When you run it under the tap, all the fur co0mes off and you can use it again straight away. No more replacing the sticky tape etc., It also come s with a tiny roller which folds up and you can carry in your handbag (if you need to.) I would recommend this as product of the year as it's brilliant. XX


My Freddie moulted something chronic. Everywhere I went during the two (very ,very long) moulting seasons I would have his comb in my pocket and groom him in the park by, the bin for the copious amounts of hair.

Just 6 months ago I came across this amazing grooming comb made by Furminator. Lucky for me you hadn't written about the dryer cure before then because the Furminator cost enough at £25! Oh my though, it was worth it's weight in gold.


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