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I was diagnosed with pneumonia beginning October. Didnt need hospitalising and have spent 10 weeks recovering at home. I still get a dull ache in site of lower right lung where pneumonia was diagnosed but no cough. The pain can be there for full days and nights. Does anyone else have these pains after recovering from pneumonia . Also I went back to work full time on Monday and as I work in a school was subjected to a variety of germs. I am now really upset as I've only lasted 3 days before being off again with same chest pains and a heavy cold. I wonder if I've gone back too soon. Does it take longer to recover from pnuemonia.

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  • It can take a very long time to recover from pneumonia. It certainly left me exhausted for months and months. I was in hospital as my health is very poor. I hope this is just a blip for you and you are back to work soon. M x

  • Thanks for reply. I have never met anyone whose suffered from pnuemonia before so it's good to hear other people's experiences. I hope you are now well . X

  • Well I'm no health professional,,,,,,just a fellow sufferer,,,,I to have had pneumonia a few times,,,,and yes the pain can linger on. For a number of weeks,,,,,at least that's how I was, but maybe you did get back to work too quick, get well soon,

  • Thanks for your reply. It must be awful to have recurring pnuemonia. I hope you are well now. This is my first time I have suffered from it. It was a shock as my only symptom was pain in back around lower lung and high temp. Very little mucus or cough. I didn't have a clue how long it takes to recover from it. X

  • Pneumonia can take its time to play fair! Pneumonia is swelling (inflammation) of the tissue in one or both of your lungs. It all depends were and what infection you have, what fluids are there and how quick you get them all clear. If you had a lot of gunge and what colour it was. The severity of the cough? I had fluid on my lungs from a very severe pneumonia in 2008 which was not down to a safe level for 18 months.

    Children have been proven to be the biggest cause of epidemics so school is not a good place to be! Plenty of Hand cleanser close by may help?

    Be Well

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply, you have made me feel better , as I was beginning to think I'd never recover. I didn't have a cough and very little mucus , just a back pain and high temp. The pain remains but X-ray now shows clear lung. It was worrying I still hav pain in same area. I've been referred to pulmonologist for further tests. Your right school is hotbed of germs and my immune system couldn't cope. X

  • I am currently in hospital with pneumonia, also a teacher and am already worrying about going back to work. Falling ill in the Easter holidays was not the plan for my spring break!

    Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that your recovery is speedy.


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