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Lung Diease Inflammation Infections & Periodic Leg Movements Syndrone

A was quite surprised to find out i suffer Perdiotic Leg Movements Syndrone wile i sleep

Obv its first i have heard of such condition BUT am i surprised at leval of defectiveness lung disease suffer can suffer.

But what surprised me more that PLMs is a known marker for concurant Lung Inflamation Infections In relation to medical conditions severity

Smoking history, body mass index (BMI)), stroke, coronary artery disease, heart failure, or cardiomyopathy, and systemic inflammation (observed inflammatory conditions included asthma, COPD or chronic bronchitis, malignancy, arthritis other than osteoarthritis,


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Hi itsBAme

Cheers thanks for link hope ya had good xmas new year ;)

Yer was surprised myself to find out GF should thriw washing in bed good done that wile a sleep lol

But in all seriousness was not plesed to read it market for ongoing inflamation esp

As i know inflamation is fibrosis esp

When you have lung conditions

Be intresting to hear if those with IPF suffer from it

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