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Lung Function Test Results

Hi there everyone.

I have seen many references on this forum to Lung Function Test Results and thought I had picked up some sort of understanding of this and that, but now that I have the results on paper of my test taken in the Sleep & Respiratory Laboratory at the hospital today, I haven't a clue what it all means! Can anyone offer advice? I did call the BLF helpline to speak to someone today but they said I had to call back next week, due to the nurse being away.

Basically, what are the important things to note on this test? Under the first Subheading 'Spirometry/Flow Volume' I have lots of abbreviations on one side with 'Predicted Value', Observed Pre', % Pred, LL, UL headings at the top. My FEV1 is 3.01, 2.50 and then 77% under each of these headings. Then the FVC is 3.01, 2.50 and 83% Pred. Then FEV1/FVC is 78.79, 79.03 and 100% under the % Pred column.

I don't understand any of it. There are more abbreviations under different sub-headings: Lung Volumes and then Diffusion (SB).

At the bottom are two charts: Flow Volume and Volume Time.

There isn't anything noted at the bottom underneath 'Report'.

I know lots of folk here have had many of these tests so could perhaps offer some help here? This is my second in a year. I didn't understand last year's either!


from a baffled stillmovin1 xx

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Hi stillmovin, I'm not the best at these but if I'm right ur readings suggest mild copd, but I'm sure some else can give u more details. Take care x Sonia x


Many thanks for your prompt reply Sonia1972! I have bronchiectasis and was told by consultant last year he thinks I also have COPD. (I thought they all came under the same umbrella...) stillmovin1 xx


Technically they do as they are all lung related illnesses within different areas of the lungs, although each one has its own symptoms. x Sonia x


Hi flibberti, I'm an alpha 1 zz phenotype, which is genetic lung and disease I've had since birth and progressing quite rapidly as I have the most severe form of alpha, most doctors in surgeries have never heard of alpha 1, but yes it is confusing the category we get put in. Hope ur well . Take care


I'm sure uve probably googled it but there are several phenotypes

Mm= normal

Mz= carrier

Sz= low anti trypsin

Zz = severe

All four of my kids got tested and are mz as their dad is mm so a gene off each of us = mz' but if they have children ( as my sons partner is ) each partner also has to be tested cuz if they too are mz the baby could then be zz like me . I suppose like any genetic disease not nice knowing I've passed to this on. Dealing with the whole problem everyday is a real struggle from physical to emotional but hey ho, always some one worse off ( God bless ) . Xx Sonia xx


Thanks flibberti for the great link and your input. I notice I made a gaffe with my FEV1 results which I have now corrected. Still, I feel a lot better after your knowledgeable feedback. xx


Sorry for confusion! Just noticed I made an error. My FEV1 actually read: 2.56 Predicted Value; 1.97 Observed Pre; 77 % Pred.

Just to confuse all and sundry. Sorry! Stillmovin1

Reply might help?

Have they said if you have any specific condition? can show difference to the meaning to results to condition. If that makes sense?

One thing I think is key is how you feel if you are coping, do not let the figures pull you down.

Be Well


Thanks offcut - I had a browse through the links you sent and I must admit, it does get complicated when they mention some abbreviations which I can find on my own report and not others, and again, some with an additional letter attached on the end which isn't on the 'equivalent' one on my actual report! You are right, it is best not to get bogged down by these intricacies! They are useful, however, as I will know what to ask the consultant on my next visit at the end of this month. I didn't know there was 'obstructive' and 'restrictive' differentiation either. Looking back at Sonia1972 and flibberti's conversation during this post on the details of some other lung conditions, it is absolutely mind-boggling.

In my own case, I was diagnosed via a CT scan (they were looking for something else...) as having bronchiectasis in 2010. It had probably been there a bit longer, as I was coughing a lot for a couple of years prior to that but never thought it a problem. As I have Ehlers-Danlos III Syndrome, it can be common to have digestive and lung problems too. Anyway, a few months ago, a different respiratory consultant asked me about smoking. I told him I gave up about 12 or 13 years ago and was a light smoker before that. He then said that as I am an ex-smoker, he was going to diagnose me as having COPD too. It was on the basis of my smoking history. My father who is 82 has COPD and my mum has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so I guess I don't really stand a chance!! I have been going through bad periods of coughing and breathlessness for the past couple of years and have fought hard this past year by doing exercises at home. I had to, as I cannot be accepted onto a Pulmonary Rehab course due to the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I guess that is why my figures aren't too bad this year on the lung test. Last year they were worse. I hope you are managing too?


I know my limits now and found not to push it to far. I still push. I have Restrictive lung disease with PH and a few heart problems but I keep my glass half full all the time.

Be Well


Hi flibberti, do you know if hospital at home is in all areas in England, or if it is gradually being rolled out? barnowl


Thanks flibberti, seems a great idea and will be glad when everyone has the opportunity to use it. Maybe it will be a priority now we see all the probs. with A&E. barnowl


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